AlienApp for Zscaler

Automate detection and response actions with the AlienApp for Zscaler

  • Zscaler Internet Access
  • Web Security Gateway
  • Detection
  • Response

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AlienApps extend USM Anywhere’s threat detection and orchestration capabilities to other security tools at no additional cost.
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The AlienApp for Zscaler integrates visibility and control over your Zscaler Internet Access cloud security directly into USM Anywhere™. The AlienApp collects event data, automates detection and response actions, and provides a summary dashboard showing relevant security events in your Zscaler cloud - without leaving the USM Anywhere Console.

  • Collect security events and trigger alarms when threats are detected
  • Quickly respond to alarms by changing Zscaler policy - directly from the USMA console
  • Automatically respond to Zscaler events with orchestration rules
  • See Zscaler cloud security summary at a glance with the Zscaler Dashboard

Why you’ll love the AlienApp for Zscaler

Accelerate time to detection and response

In the course of an investigation, the AlienApp for Zscaler is available directly from the Alarm and Event views and can be used to quickly take an action to respond to the event, without disrupting the investigation flow or logging into another security tool. For recurring security issues, actions can be automated by writing response rules. Whenever the rule is triggered, the preconfigured response action will be taken

Apply Alien Labs threat intelligence to your log data

USM Anywhere™ uses its integrated threat intelligence to analyze log data from Zscaler, along with data from other assets and security products, to detect threats and intrusions. Alien Labs security research team researches and delivers continuous threat intelligence updates directly to USM Anywhere™, so you don’t have to. You can focus on what matters most — stopping threats in their tracks.  

Monitor your security posture from a single console  

With rich, interactive dashboards in USM Anywhere, you can monitor your Zscaler Internet Access cloud security activity and see the top threats, top threat signatures, malware, and more. USM Anywhere™ enriches your log data and makes it simple to search and filter events, as well as export views for reporting purposes.

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