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Automate threat detection and response for Box Enterprise

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BlueApps extend USM Anywhere’s threat detection and orchestration capabilities to other security tools at no additional cost.
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The BlueApp for Box enables you to automate threat detection and incident response between USM Anywhere and Box environments, helping you investigate and contain Box security threats quickly. When USM Anywhere alerts you to potential threats such as credential abuse, data exfiltration, or malware infection within your Box deployments, you can launch a response action within Box directly from the alarm in USM Anywhere.

The BlueApp for Box enables Box security monitoring within the same console as the rest of your critical IT environments across the cloud and on premises.

With the BlueApp for Box, you can detect and respond to Box security threats such as:

  • Password spraying against Box Enterprise
  • Successful brute force authentication attacks
  • Ransomware and other malware infections
  • Data exfiltration or sharing with a known malicious host
  • Anomalous user activities that could indicate an attack

How it works

  1. USM Anywhere continually monitors your Box Enterprise environment, collecting and analyzing security data such as authentication events, user profile updates, user state changes, application and group assignment, and Box platform changes.
  2. With integrated threat intelligence from LevelBlue Labs, USM Anywhere automatically detects potential threats against your Box Enterprise environment, such as password spraying or authentication from a known malicious host, and raises alarms to notify you.
  3. In response to an alarm, you can create an automated (or manual) response action that sends a command to Box based on the Box security event.
  4. Based on that command, Box creates a new task or deactivates the affected Box account.

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Why you’ll love the BlueApp for Box

Monitor Box security alongside your cloud and on-premises environments

The BlueApp for Box gives you security visibility of your Box Enterprise environments within the same platform as your other critical assets, in the cloud and on-premises. USM Anywhere centralizes Box security monitoring alongside your SaaS apps, public cloud and on-premise environments, and remote locations, helping you to streamline security and compliance.

Automatically detect threats against your data stored in Box

USM Anywhere uses integrated threat intelligence from the LevelBlue Labs team to automatically detect Box security threats and suspicious activities, allowing you to focus your security resources on responding to actual threats. LevelBlue Labs security researchers deliver continuous threat intelligence updates directly to your USM Anywhere deployment, giving you resilient threat detection as attackers develop new techniques.

Respond to threats quickly with automation and orchestration

When USM Anywhere detects a potential Box security threat, you can respond quickly by creating an automated or manual response action that sends a command to Box. Automated response actions help you respond to security incidents quickly, which can help to shorten the duration and scope of an attack.

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