BlueApp for Sophos Central

Centralize Your Security Monitoring with the BlueApp for Sophos Central

  • Sophos Central
  • Endpoint
  • Firewall
  • Antivirus
  • Detection

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BlueApps extend USM Anywhere’s threat detection and orchestration capabilities to other security tools at no additional cost.
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With the BlueApp™ for Sophos Central, you can centralize your security monitoring program in a single pane of glass, making it easier and faster to detect threats across multiple security platforms. The app enables you to collect and monitor Sophos Central alerts and events directly within AlienVault® USM Anywhere™.

The BlueApp for Sophos Central collects and parses data through the Sophos API, making it available for threat analysis and incident response within USM Anywhere. Sophos Central unifies security data from across the Sophos suite of products for server security, endpoint protection, email security, and more. 

Discover all the advantages of the BlueApp for Sophos Central:

  • Aggregate security alarms for malware activity detected in Sophos Central.
  • Create custom alarms and notifications for any Sophos Central security alert.
  • Define automated incident response actions for any Sophos Central security alert.

How It Works

  1. USM Anywhere collects and analyzes data through the Sophos Central API, including events, alerts, and the severity of the alerts. Our Sophos Central plugin parses the API data and generates security events in USM Anywhere.

  2. If USM Anywhere detects threat activity, such as evidence of malware detected by Sophos Central, it raises an alarm, letting you know what to investigate.

  3. In addition, you can build custom alarms, notifications, and incident response actions based on any security event collected from Sophos Central.

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Why You’ll Love the BlueApp for Sophos Central

Centralize Security Monitoring

Bring your Sophos environment into USM Anywhere for a consolidated view of your security posture. By monitoring your Sophos Central alerts alongside threats, vulnerabilities, and other suspicious activities in USM Anywhere, you can streamline your security monitoring in a single pane of glass, saving time and effort.

Respond to Threats Faster

When security alerts arise in Sophos Central, you need a way to respond quickly and efficiently. AlienVault USM Anywhere serves as a powerful security orchestration and incident response automation platform, so you can trigger a response action for any event or alert raised in Sophos Central, even towards other third-party security apps.

Compliance in a Single Pane of Glass

Accelerate your compliance efforts by centralizing your security data in USM Anywhere. When you combine Sophos Central data with USM Anywhere, you can streamline and simplify your compliance reporting requirements.

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