USM Anywhere™

AlienApp for Sophos Central

The AlienApp for Sophos Central enhances the threat detection capabilities of USM Anywhere by collecting and analyzing event and alert data from Sophos Central, which enables management of multiple products within its Synchronized Security platform.

Sophos Central unifies security data from across the Sophos suite of products for server security, endpoint protection, email security, and more. The AlienApp for Sophos Central collects data through the Sophos Central API and parses it to generate normalizedNormalization describes the translation of log file entries received from disparate types of monitored assets into the standardized framework of Event types and sub-types. events, making it available for threat analysis and incident response within USM Anywhere.

Warning: If the AlienApp fails and you receive a message informing you that it has not been loaded, please contact AT&T Cybersecurity Technical Support to solve the problem.