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Secure G Suite (Formerly Google Apps for work)

Get complete G Suite security visibility and threat detection.

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Amplify Your G Suite Security Monitoring with USM Anywhere

In a recent phishing attack1, about a million G Suite user accounts were compromised within two hours, giving attackers full access to users’ email data and exposing their contact lists to the same threat. Attacks like this pose a significant threat to organizations as they migrate sensitive data to cloud applications like G Suite. Without the right tools to help you monitor Google G Suite security, you may not know when suspicious activity happens, let alone whether it’s part of a larger pattern.

With the BlueApp™ for G Suite, you can monitor your G Suite security and detect threats directly from Level Blue® USM Anywhere™ —giving you a single pane of glass for all your security monitoring, compliance, and orchestration needs.

The BlueApp for G Suite collects and analyzes your G Suite events to enable security analysis of your user and admin activities, extending USM Anywhere’s robust threat detection capabilities to Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms).

USM Anywhere makes G Suite security and compliance monitoring fast and simple with visual dashboards, user-centric data views, and elastic search capabilities. With integrated threat intelligence specifically for G Suite, USM Anywhere allows you to start detecting threats immediately on Day One.

Resource-constrained IT security teams don’t have time to keep up with the rapidly-changing threat landscape, which means static security plans degrade daily as new threats emerge. That’s why the LevelBlue Labs Security Research Team serves as an extension of your own team, delivering continuous threat intelligence updates directly to your USM Anywhere deployment so you’re always prepared to detect the latest threats to G Suite.

Because USM Anywhere combines multiple essential security capabilities in one unified platform, you can achieve a unified view of your assets, vulnerabilities, and threats—all on one affordable and easy-to-use solution that monitors your cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

USM Anywhere delivers everything on your G Suite security checklist to help you detect threats and respond quickly.

Monitor G Suite for Unauthorized User Access and Privilege Escalation

  • Be alerted to user and admin privilege escalation that could be a warning sign of an intrusion or insider threat
  • Track user login activities and identify anomalous login attempts by time and location
  • Detect brute force login attempts
  • Audit user activities at a glance with pre-built, interactive dashboards

Quickly Detect and Investigate Intrusions

  • Detect ransomware in your G Suite applications
  • Be alerted to changes to your G Suite security settings that increase risk exposure, like disabling two-factor authentication or enabling password recovery

Protect Sensitive Data Stored in Google Drive and Gmail

  • Monitor user activities in Google Drive; know when users access, edit, delete, or restore files
  • Be alerted when files are shared with entities outside the organization or with known malicious hosts
  • Know if someone tries to access historical data by restoring deleted files

Satisfy Your Security Monitoring and Orchestration Needs from a Single Pane of Glass

  • Achieve a unified view of your entire security posture from a single platform
  • Centralize security monitoring for all your critical IT infrastructure, in the cloud and on-premises
  • Leverage continuous threat intelligence updates from the LevelBlue Labs Security Research Team

Monitor G Suite for Unauthorized User Access and Privilege Escalation

Cloud-based applications like G Suite offer unprecedented flexibility to organizations and teams, allowing them to access company data and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the same benefits also help the malicious actors who want to infiltrate your environment to steal your data.

USM Anywhere provides the tools you need to monitor user and admin activities within G Suite, allowing you to identify unauthorized access, privilege escalation, and more.

How likely is it that your user has entered correct login information twenty times, but hasn’t managed to come up with a second-factor authentication key? When login activity suggests that your users’ credentials have been compromised or that an attacker is trying to gain access, USM Anywhere alerts you to the problem so you can respond swiftly.

Whether through malicious intent or carelessness, increasing or removing administrative access has security implications for your organization. USM Anywhere alerts you to these changes, allowing you to identify potential intrusions and limit access creep.

With USM Anywhere’s pre-built dashboards, you can identify anomalous user and admin activities at a glance. These rich, visual tools provide an overview of G Suite events like administrative actions, login activity trends, login locations, and login failure reasons. You can also drill down and pivot on any data point, making investigating anomalous or suspicious activities fast and simple.

Quickly Detect and Investigate Intrusions

If one of your users clicks a Gmail-targeted phishing link that tricks them into giving access to an attacker, that bad actor can gain access to your organization’s data. To respond effectively to this kind of threat, you need to be able to detect the intrusion as soon as possible and understand the scope of the risk.

USM Anywhere provides G Suite security and compliance monitoring with integrated threat intelligence that alerts you to G Suite-specific threats, such as new OAuth tokens, unusual password policy changes, and bruteforce login attempts that could indicate an attack or intrusion.

USM Anywhere keeps you prepared to detect the latest G Suite security threats like ransomware, authentication from known malicious hosts, and more. Because new threats emerge all the time, your USM Anywhere deployment receives continuous updates from the LevelBlue Labs Security Research Team, so your security plan is always up to date.

When a new employee joins your organization, it’s normal to see new user creation. But what if you see several new users created or deleted at once? Either HR is having a field day, or your environment may have been compromised. Either way, you need to know, so you can investigate.

USM Anywhere alerts you to activity that could indicate an intrusion, such as creating new users, deleting users, or making policy changes like disabling two-factor authentication. However, to respond appropriately, you need to explore what happened as soon as possible.

USM Anywhere provides advanced search and analysis capabilities to enable fast, efficient investigation of suspicious or anomalous activity. You can quickly filter your data to view specific event types or drill down to explore a single user’s activity.

Get multiple security capabilities in one unified platform

Asset Discovery
Vulnerability Assessment
Intrusion Detection
Behavioral Monitoring
SIEM and Log Management

Protect Sensitive Data Stored in Google Drive and Gmail

Keeping track of business-critical data in G Suite poses a challenge for security professionals. You need to know who has access to your files, who makes changes, and who shares access outside the organization. However, tracking all of this manually would be a herculean task.

USM Anywhere monitors and analyzes file actions that occur in Google Drive, including file access, file changes, uploads, downloads, and sharing. With rich dashboards that visualize file change events, it’s easy for you to keep track of activity affecting your critical files and spot anomalies. For example, you can spot a spike in file uploads, which might be the work of a malicious actor rather than an employee.

If a user shares a sensitive file—or several—with someone outside of the organization, you need to know. USM Anywhere alerts you when users enable sharing outside of the organization, allowing you to investigate the incident and respond appropriately.

What’s more, USM Anywhere detects if your users are sending files to known malicious hosts, so you can act swiftly to disrupt a potential data breach. Similarly, you’ll be alerted to suspicious activity like restoring deleted files, which could be a sign that a malicious actor wants to access historical data.

USM Anywhere also works to detect ransomware within G Suite by detecting file uploads with file extensions and decryption instruction files known to be used in ransomware attacks. The sooner you can identify an attack, the sooner you can isolate those environments to mitigate potential damage.

Satisfy Your Security Monitoring and Orchestration Needs from a Single Pane of Glass

Keeping track of security solutions can be a struggle, particularly as organizations combine different kinds of IT infrastructure and implement more and more cloud applications. With point security solutions available for each capability and each environment, juggling a complex ecosystem of security products and technologies can eat away at your limited time and budget.

Fortunately, USM Anywhere delivers the essential security capabilities you need to get security visibility of your G Suite environment—without adding a new single-point solution to your to-do list.

USM Anywhere allows you to monitor G Suite security and compliance from the same solution as the rest of your critical infrastructure, including your on-premises (virtual and hardware), public cloud, and private cloud environments.

With a single-pane-of-glass approach to security and compliance management, USM Anywhere makes threat detection and incident response for your G Suite environment efficient and affordable.

USM Anywhere unifies the essential capabilities you need to secure your critical infrastructure within a single solution:

  • Asset Discovery and Inventory
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • SIEM Event Correlation
  • Log Management & long-term storage

By reinforcing these capabilities with continuous, integrated threat intelligence updates from the LevelBlue Labs Security Research Team, USM Anywhere ensures that you’re always ready to detect new threats to G Suite or the rest of your critical infrastructure.

USM Anywhere is delivered as a SaaS solution, which means you can deploy rapidly and get security insight within minutes, save significant costs on hardware, and scale easily as your infrastructure expands. It delivers high reliability and performance without the overhead of maintenance.

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