BlueApp for ServiceNow

Streamline Your Incident Response Workflow with the BlueApp for ServiceNow

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BlueApps extend USM Anywhere’s threat detection and orchestration capabilities to other security tools at no additional cost.
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The BlueApp™ for ServiceNow allows you to streamline your incident response workflow between the USM platform and ServiceNow. When threats and vulnerabilities are detected in USM Anywhere, you can open an incident ticket or a change request in ServiceNow, automatically or manually.

Built for ServiceNow IT Service Management and Security Operations, the BlueApp for ServiceNow helps security teams respond efficiently to threats and vulnerabilities detected by USM Anywhere, without requiring any additional integration or installation.

  • Automatically generate ServiceNow change requests within the USM platform.
  • Enable teams to work more efficiently to remediate vulnerabilities and security threats 
  • Automatically generate ServiceNow tickets directly within USM Anywhere, so you never miss a security incident that needs attention
  • Avoid the complexity of managing multiple ticketing systems and workflows across different products
  • Immediately available out of the box with USM Anywhere (no installation required)

How It Works:

  1. When USM Anywhere detects anomalous activity, a threat, or a vulnerability in your environment, it generates an event or an alarm.

  2. From USM Anywhere, you can open a ticket in ServiceNow to respond to an alarm or vulnerability.

  3. You can also define an orchestration rule to open tickets automatically based on specific events.

  4. Relevant threat data from USM Anywhere is included in the ticket, so your team can respond efficiently.

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Why You’ll Love the BlueApp for ServiceNow

Reduce Time to Detection & Remediation

  • Automate remediation and policy enforcement between USM Anywhere and ServiceNow for rapid response
  • Enhance threat visibility and reduce mean time to detection & response
  • Virtually eliminate friction in the incident response process, accelerating the time to respond to threats

Save Time & Money

  • Enable focus on threat response and not writing complex security analytics rules 
  • Simple, form-based integration accelerates time to productivity, rather than spending time on complicated cross-product integration
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