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AT&T Endpoint Security with SentinelOne® (S1)

The one-day AT&T Endpoint Security with SentinelOne® course teaches students how to install and use the SentinelOne® agent and use the SentinelOne® Management Console to detect and protect against attacks on endpoints where the Agent is installed.  Students will also learn how SentinelOne® interacts with USM Anywhere™ to augment existing USM Anywhere capabilities. Our instructor-led courses feature challenging and immersive labs to provide a powerful hands-on learning environment. 

Course Syllabus

Length: 1 days 

Delivery: Classes are instructor-led and are delivered live online. 

Audience: IT and Security professionals who will be installing, configuring, and using AT&T Endpoint Security 

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Recommended: View Launchpad for USM Anywhere before this class. 
  • Basic TCP/IP networking knowledge and skills including IP addressing, DNS, switching, routing. 
  • Basic familiarity with IT security concepts and associated skills, including threats, vulnerabilities, risk management and security devices/applications. 
  • Basic Linux skills, including the use of the command line interface for file and user management, and text editing (Vim, Nano). 


  • Introduction and Course Overview 
  • Technology Overview 
  • SentinelOne® Agent 
  • Threat Detection 
  • Tuning 
  • Advanced AlienApp for SentinelOne® 
  • Conclusion  

Outcome: After completing this course, students will have learned how to use the SentinelOne® Console and how to deploy the SentinelOne® Agent to endpoint so they can be protected against attacks.  Students will have also learned how SentinelOne® integrates with USM Anywhere through the Advanced AlienApp and how to leverage additional functionality provided by the USM platform.   

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