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AlienVault USM Anywhere: Security Analysis (ANYSA)

The AlienVault USM Anywhere: Security Analysis 2-day course provides security analysts with the knowledge and tools to fully leverage AlienVault USM Anywhere to perform analyst duties. Students benefit from instructor lectures, product demonstration, and hands-on practice labs which make up about 50% of the course. This comprehensive course ensures that you can use all of USM Anywhere’s functions and features to detect and respond to security incidents and determine the extent of a compromise.

Length: 2 days

Delivery: Classes are Instructor-led and are delivered Live Online.


  • Security analysts.
  • IT professionals who work with USM Anywhere.
  • Security professionals working at AlienVault resellers and partners.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • Recommended: View Launchpad for USM Anywhere before this class.
  • Basic TCP/IP networking knowledge and skills including IP addressing, DNS, switching, routing.
  • Basic familiarity with IT security concepts and associated skills, including threats, vulnerabilities, risk management, and security devices/applications.
  • Basic Linux skills, including the use of the command line interface for file and user management and text editing (Vim, Nano).


  • Preparation: Know Your Environment.
  • USM Anywhere Tuning.
  • Threat Intelligence: Detect and Research Threats / Attack Methods.
  • Detection: Evaluate Alarms and Events.
  • Containment and Response: Minimizing Impact and Automating Response.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Trace Security Incident Timelines.
  • Recovery: Recover from an Incident.
  • Reporting: Compliance and Reporting.

Outcome: After completing this course, students will be able to fully leverage AlienVault USM Anywhere to perform analyst duties. Students will gain the skills to identify and remediate threats using the AlienVault USM platform.

Certification: Each delegate who takes the AlienVault USM Anywhere: Security Analysis (ANYSA) class receives a voucher that's good for one attempt at the AlienVault Certified Security Engineer (AVSE) exam at no additional charge. Please visit our certification page for more information.

Course Syllabus: Download a PDF of the detailed course outline

Registration: Please contact AlienVault Training at to gain access to this course.

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