Why Use a Managed Security Service?

June 12, 2017 | Lauren Barraco
Lauren Barraco

Lauren Barraco

Lauren joined AlienVault in 2013 and is the Product Manager for USM and OSSIM. She is responsible for the product strategy and development for both products and spends most of her time working closely with customers to identify new ways that AlienVault can help users to improve their overall security posture.

June 12, 2017 | Lauren Barraco

Why Use a Managed Security Service?

Article Originally appeared on MSPmentor Since 2013, over nine billion data records have been lost or stolen. Previously obscure InfoSec conversations are now front page news. Your CEO has been paying attention, and suddenly, your IT department has a budget for security and compliance for 2017. You remember taking a course on cybersecurity in 2003, but other than that, you’re not sure…

October 27, 2016 | Lauren Barraco

Common Types of Malware, 2016 Update

With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month, we thought we’d talk about common types of malware, and let you know about some emerging threats in the security landscape. We continuously strive to 'arm' our readers with the latest information about new attack methods and techniques so that they can be ready to make informed decisions about how to…

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August 2, 2016 | Lauren Barraco

What’s new in AlienVault v5.3?

The AlienVault product team is constantly working to improve USM and OSSIM for all users. Over the past few months, we’ve conducted extensive user experience interviews and studies to analyze how customers are using our product, and to identify key areas where we can make your life better, your work easier, and help you spend your time more effectively.…

August 21, 2014 | Lauren Barraco

Defend like an attacker: Applying the cyber kill chain

Understanding the cyber kill chain gives you an advantage With the constantly evolving nature of most threats, it can be difficult to address every incident and alert that occurs in your environment. Effective incident response requires effective methods of prioritization: Deciding which alerts to focus on and in which order. In general, we’ve relied on a few standard…

May 13, 2014 | Lauren Barraco

Top 4 Security Questions to Ask of Your Data (and The Data You Need to Answer Them)

The security industry has an unhealthy love affair with complexity and sophistication. Blame it on the media, or our own tendency towards masochism... but, whatever the reason, it seems that most are more interested in putting most of our time and attention on Advanced Persistent Threats or zero day attacks than in implementing basic security practices. The sad truth is…

April 22, 2014 | Lauren Barraco

File Integrity Monitoring - Because Bad Guys are Sneaky

Sadly, perpetrators of malicious changes in IT don't just announce themselves. While on the surface, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) doesn't appear all that sexy to security practitioners, it is a great way to deal with sneaky bad guys. It's forensic in nature - providing the ability to look at changes after-the-fact to figure out what happened. The…

April 15, 2014 | Lauren Barraco

Top 5 Problems with Traditional SIEM (Infographic)

Unlike security cameras, going from installation to insight with a traditional SIEM is far from straightforward. In this infographic, we’ll cover a few common problems with SIEM technologies, and how you can avoid those pitfalls with AlienVault Unified Security Management. SIEM is too complex. Collecting the right data, aggregating it, normalizing and correlating disparate technologies for that one…

March 4, 2014 | Lauren Barraco

What’s New in AlienVault v4.5?

At AlienVault, we know that you never have enough time to dedicate to security and that’s why we’re laser focused on how to make threat detection and incident response more efficient for everyone. We know you probably have a full-time job in addition to security and that you can’t afford to waste time tracking…

February 24, 2014 | Lauren Barraco

Spotted at RSA: UFO beaming down hope for a more secure tomorrow

The theme in the AlienVault booth is “You are not alone”, and while it’s easy to assume this is just a clever play on our alien name, we actually want all of our booth visitors to walk away understanding that, truly – you are not alone. In a world of single-purpose security tools and closed threat…

January 22, 2014 | Lauren Barraco

The Life of a Security Researcher

Have you ever wondered what a security researcher does all day? From investigating malicious software to social engineering, security research is more than a full-time job - its a way of life. In the past year, we’ve seen security research hit the mainstream media as more organizations continue to get hit with malware, botnets and more. Today I…

December 10, 2013 | Lauren Barraco

What are the most common types of malware?

APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) get all the press, but generally the most common types of malware cause the most damage when considered in the aggregate. Broad-based attacker techniques are effective because they benefit from the reuse and recycling of the same basic sets of malicious code when targeting organizations. That's why it's important to drive awareness regarding these…

November 11, 2013 | Lauren Barraco

Log Analysis 101

The challenge for any security practitioner is the same: how to get adequate security visibility for your organization. Securing your environment requires an understanding of the current and evolving threat landscape as well as knowledge of network technology and system design. The traditional approach to event log analysis says “collect logs from everything connected to the network and let…