Derrick Johnson

Derrick Johnson

Derrick Johnson is the National Practice Director for Cyber Operations within AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting, responsible for its direction and overall business performance. Derrick’s practice provides strategic and tactical cybersecurity consulting services around next-generation network and cloud security architectures including Zero Trust Networking and SASE, cybersecurity operations consulting, cyber transformations, mobility/IoT and endpoint security and threat and vulnerability management among other initiatives. Derrick is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Forrester Certified Zero Trust Strategist who joined the AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting team through the acquisition of the VeriSign Global Security Consulting business, which was completed in October 2009. Prior to working for VeriSign, Derrick was the Global Information Security Officer for Stream International; a global business service provider specializing in customer relationship management services. Prior to Stream, Derrick was a Senior Associate on KPMG’s Information Risk Management team, specializing in Information Security Services. Before becoming a consultant Derrick spent four years in systems and network engineering, with a role as a Senior Network Engineer with America OnLine, performing network engineering and administration for America OnLine’s Advanced Network Services (ANS) team. Derrick earned his BS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.

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