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Web application security solutions

Web Shielding can quickly remediate any application vulnerabilities your organization may have before they are exploited, allowing your security and development team to focus on other priorities.

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Rapid vulnerability risk removal, at your service

Optimizes risk and security posture

Allows for delayed patching, code remediation or replacement

Achieves compliance

Supports faster development operations

Improves Software Code Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Frees up internal IT resources

Use cases

Driving peace of mind and productivity for your business

Focus development teams on revenue-generating work

Security can often be a handbrake to business growth. When presented with vulnerabilities your typical options are to either risk accept or get developers to fix the code. We now gives organizations a third option —proactive shielding.

Maintain compliance and reduce the urgency of security incidents

With our fully managed shielding service, you can drive efficiency, speed and mitigate cyber risk, while staying focused on your priorities and maintain compliance with NIST 800-53 and ISO 27001 standards.

Ship secure software faster

We integrate with your release cycle to achieve speed-to-market without compromising on cybersecurity. And if a vulnerability is exposed, we will help contain it without touching your code or changing how your software functions – until you can focus on fixing it.

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