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SOC as a service

Whether you are looking for a SOC as a Service solution provider or you are an MSSP looking to expand your services portfolio to include SOC as a Service, AlienVault® Unified Security Management® (USM) is the fastest, most effective path.


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Partner with AlienVault to Build a SOC as a Service Offering

Join the 500+ MSSPs that use AlienVault® Unified Security Management® (USM) as the foundation for their managed security and compliance services.

Unlike other security solutions, AlienVault USM delivers multiple essential SOC capabilities in a unified cloud platform that’s fast to deploy and easy to use. So, you can grow your managed SOC services quickly, efficiently, and with a rapid ROI.

Learn more about the benefits of building your SOC as a Service offering with AlienVault below.

Find an AlienVault Partner for SOC as a Service

When you outsource your security operations to an AlienVault MSSP Partner, you can realize the full benefits of a SOC without investing the time or resources required to build and maintain one.

A Certified AlienVault MSSP Partner can provide concierge security and compliance services built on our award-winning USM platform, protecting your critical IT against emerging threats.

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Accelerate SOC as a Service with AlienVault USM

AlienVault USM delivers advanced threat detection, incident response, and compliance management—all in one unified solution. It contains all of the essential SOC capabilities needed for complete security visibility across your cloud and on-premises environments. With AlienVault USM, you can eliminate the need to source multiple security products for your SOC operations, be audit-ready sooner, and get to real security insights faster.

AlienVault USM detects the latest emerging threats with continuous threat intelligence from the AlienVault Labs Security Research Team. Our team of security researchers work as an extension of your team, researching the global threat landscape daily and writing actionable threat intelligence to the USM platform, including correlation rules, vulnerability signatures, response guidance and more. In addition, the labs team and the USM platform leverage crowd-sourced threat data from the global Open Threat Exchange® (OTX™) community.

Discover the SOC capabilities in AlienVault USM:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection (IDS)
  • SIEM Event Correlation
  • Cloud Security Monitoring
  • SaaS Monitoring (e.g., Office 365)
  • Security Services Monitoring (e.g., Okta)
  • Compliance-certified Log Management
  • Compliance Reporting

Everything You Need for Complete Threat Monitoring in One Solution

When you build a SOC with multiple, disparate security tools, it can add cost and complexity to your security operations. With this approach, your security operations staff must work across ten to twenty different screens to monitor security events and identify threats. This can slow down investigation and incident response activities or worse, leave blind spots in your security program.

Unlike single-purpose security tools, AlienVault USM combines all the essential SOC services in a single unified solution, enabling earlier and broader threat detection capabilities. Because the security capabilities are coordinated, you get richer and more accurate threat context on every alarm—all within a single pane of glass.

Shrink response time with Security Automation and Orchestration

As the pace of threats continues to escalate, speed is essential to mitigating the threat. AlienVault USM accelerates SOC operations and streamlines managed security workflows. With out-of-the-box AlienApps™ that connect directly to third-party security services, such as Palo Alto Networks, Carbon Black, and Cisco Umbrella, you can orchestrate and automate your incident response activities directly within AlienVault USM.

For example, once our platform detects a threat, it can automatically execute a response action via Cisco Umbrella or Palo Alto to block communications from the threat actor. By automating threat mitigations, AlienVault USM enables our MSSP partners to rapidly scale their incident response capabilities in protecting customers against fast-moving threats and attacks.

Faster time to deploy, faster time to value.

With AlienVault USM, your customers will reap the benefits of SOC as a Service within hours rather than days and weeks. As soon as you deploy, you begin to see detailed security insights on all of your customer assets across their on-premises and cloud environments. Our platform auto-discovers assets connected in each environment. Rich detail combined with security analytics about managed assets is the first step towards delivering increased visibility into your customers’ security and compliance posture.

Know which threats to focus on first.

Managed security success comes down to effective prioritization—knowing which security events to focus on first and how to respond. The automated security analytics and alarm prioritization in AlienVault USM reflect how cyber-attacks unfold, so you immediately know which alarms pose the most greatest risk to your customers. Every alarm provides specific response guidance, so you can spend less time researching and work faster to contain threats.

Get a Single, Centralized View of All Customer Environments

Effective managed security is all about seeing the bigger picture. AlienVault USM Central™ delivers the big picture by rolling up multiple USM Anywhere™ instances into a single console, giving you the ability to consolidate all of your customer instances into a single pane of glass. Hosted in the cloud and securely maintained by AlienVault, USM Central eliminates the burden of deploying and managing on-premises equipment at customer sites. Additionally, you can accelerate managed security operations by clicking through on any customer alarm directly to the customer’s USM Anywhere instance without wasting time logging in and logging out of separate consoles.

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