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AWS log management for CloudTrail

USM Anywhere is the complete AWS log management and threat detection solution.

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AWS log management for CloudTrail


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Monitor, correlate and analyze events from the data in your CloudTrail logs

Monitoring activity in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment is essential to maintaining the security of your applications and ensuring regulatory compliance. Amazon provides several important tools to assist you, including CloudTrail.

AWS CloudTrail is a log monitoring service that records all API calls for your AWS account. CloudTrail allows you to track changes to your AWS resources, conduct security analysis, and troubleshoot operational issues. However, CloudTrail as a security tool is incomplete, as it doesn’t correlate events or conduct any security analysis.

USM Anywhere, with its native AWS sensor, addresses this limitation in CloudTrail and delivers critical event correlation and log management capabilities. The USM platform enables you to detect malicious activity in your AWS instances and comply with regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS.

Automated CloudTrail alerts and events

Automate alerts and event correlation from CloudTrail and detect behavioral changes including suspicious instance creation and security group changes.

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Achieve log management for compliance

Achieve compliance with PCI DSS, FISMA, FedRAMP, ISO 27001, NERC CIP, or GLBA requirements and secure collection and retention of raw and normalized logs.

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Secure your AWS environment

Maintain complete cloud security management for your AWS environment through the USM platform, which includes essential monitoring capabilities.

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Automated CloudTrail alerts and events

To maintain the security of your applications running in AWS, you need to continuously monitor their activity to identify changes and correlate events. CloudTrail is one of the useful tools that Amazon provides to assist you with monitoring and securing your AWS instances. However, CloudTrail as a security tool is incomplete, as it doesn’t perform correlation of events or conduct any security analysis.

USM Anywhere automatically monitors, correlates and analyzes events from CloudTrail to detect security threats across the systems and applications you have running in AWS. With its purpose-built sensor for AWS, USM Anywhere will automatically detect your use of CloudTrail and retrieve your logs across all regions.

USM Anywhere also enables you to effectively correlate events from the CloudTrail logs to detect suspicious behavioral changes or other malicious activity in your AWS instances, including security group changes. And USM Anywhere builds all the monitoring and security event management capabilities you need into a centralized dashboard.

Achieve log management for compliance

Monitoring your AWS environment is also critical for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Although CloudTrail can effectively feed data into log management platforms, simply using CloudTrail on its own does not help achieve compliance with regulatory requirements. You need to integrate CloudTrail with a comprehensive security tool that provides secure collection and retention of both raw log data as well as normalized logs.

USM Anywhere with its AWS-native sensor delivers this comprehensive AWS log management and log analysis capability to help you achieve compliance with regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, FedRAMP, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Although specific requirements for monitoring and security event management vary from one standard to the next, USM Anywhere can help you quickly achieve compliance in your AWS environment with all the essential security capabilities you need in a single console.

Secure your AWS environment

USM Anywhere provides complete cloud security management for your AWS environments. It includes all of the essential capabilities for monitoring cloud security and quickly identifying malicious or suspicious activity in your AWS cloud infrastructure.

Simple, scalable AWS security and compliance

Future Proof Green

Centralize AWS security monitoring

USM Anywhere automatically collects and alerts on security data from critical AWS services such as CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and S3 and ELB access logs, centralizing and simplifying your AWS security monitoring.

Intrusion Detection

Get threat intelligence built for AWS

LevelBlue Labs threat intelligence includes AWS-specific correlation rules, so you can detect the latest threats, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and anomalous behaviors in your AWS environment.

Scale Green

Scale security with your cloud

USM Anywhere is a cloud-hosted SaaS platform that readily scales as your IT environment evolves. It’s fast and easy to deploy with no hardware to install.

Event Correlation

Eliminate blind spots and shadow IT

Centrally monitor your multi-cloud and on-prem assets with a unified platform to ensure continuous threat coverage and the elimination of shadow IT as you migrate data and services to the cloud.

Security Orchestration

Discover DevOps-friendly security

Support your agile development with automated security monitoring across build, test, and production environments and leverage our integrations with DevOps tools like PagerDuty, Slack, Jira and others.

Compliance Reporting

Simplify compliance in the cloud

Ensure your AWS environment adheres to key regulatory or industry compliance mandates, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, or GDPR. Learn how USM Anywhere simplifies IT security compliance in AWS.

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