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ZTNA 2.0, powered by Palo Alto Networks

The next evolution in Zero Trust access and protection.

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Zero Trust Network Access is no longer enough

Implicit trust

Once traditional Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) verifies that a user is permitted access to an application, it simply makes the connection and stops there, which gives opportunity to insider threats.

Limited security inspection

ZTNA was designed purely as an access control mechanism; therefore, it does not have the ability to detect or act against malicious traffic. 

Lack of data protection

With remote work and SaaS applications on the rise, sensitive data highly distributed—often with little to no visibility or control.

Too much access

While traditional ZTNA fills some security gaps, it still grants users too much access, exposing sensitive information and doing little to slow the spread of malware.


ZTNA 2.0: The next evolution in Zero Trust Network Access

Least privilege access

Applications are identified based on App-IDs at layer seven, which enables the ability to grant access at a sub-application level.

Continuous trust verification

Once access is granted, trust is continuously assessed based on changes in device posture, user behavior, and application behavior. 

Continuous security inspection

Provides deep and ongoing inspection for all traffic, including allowed connections to protect against threats and threat vectors. 

Comprehensive data protection

Consistent data protection across applications, whether hosted in the data center or the cloud with a single DLP policy.

Complete Application Security

Protection and security for applications across the organization, including private, cloud, and SaaS.

Managed services

Removes the burden of day-to-day administration from in-house technology teams.

Offer components

Secure Remote Access, and Secure Web Gateway, both powered by Palo Alto Networks, come together to bring you the next iteration of Zero Trust

Secure Remote Access 

  • Provides highly secure access only to the applications required to complete job duties  
  • Optimizes network performance by shortening logical paths to reach cloud-hosted resources  
  • Helps improve user experience by offering consistent access and protection 

Secure Web Gateway 

  • Enables safer internet browsing by blocking access to known malicious websites  
  • Helps enforce acceptable use policies by reducing usage of time-wasting sites  
  • Inspects encrypted SSL traffic in the cloud, helping preserve network performance

SASE with Palo Alto Networks

ZTNA 2.0 is at the core of SASE with Palo Alto Networks, a modular and integrated architecture to support digital transformation with rigorous security enforcements. It provides a great user experience with a truly cloud-native architecture built to secure today’s digital enterprises with a unified access and protection at cloud scale.

Managed Services

Having the right managed services partner is everything

Help relieve the burden on in-house technology teams and realize:

  • Feature certification and interoperability testing  
  • Deployment services, including configuration and security policy design  
  • 24x7 help desk support and monitoring by our eight global security operations centers  
  • Ongoing maintenance, including approved updates and security patches 


Government Brief

Modernizing Zero-Trust Network Access


ZTNA 2.0 Infographic

Product Brief

The next evolution in Zero Trust access and protection


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