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Managed Endpoint Security with SentinelOne

Defend your endpoints from sophisticated and ever-present cyber threats; detect and respond autonomously at machine speed; and proactively hunt threats down before they start to act.

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How our Managed Endpoint Security with SentinelOne benefits you

Minimize dwell time

Minimize dwell time

Automated threat prevention, detection, and response to help protect your devices, users, and business.


Fast, automated remediation

Fast, automated remediation

Terminate malicious processes, disconnect and quarantine infected devices, and rollback events to keep endpoints in a constant clean state.


Persistent protection

Persistent protection

Logic and analysis performed on the endpoint agent, not in the cloud, helping protect endpoints in real time, even when offline.

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Reduce alert fatigue

Reduce alert fatigue

Group alerts into patented storylines that provide analysts with instant actionable context and fewer headaches.


Simplified experience

Simplified experience

Single agent with consolidated security functions merges multiple agents into one to help reduce complexity and simplify management.


Expansive platform integration

Expertise you can count on

Our SOC helps alleviate the cybersecurity skill shortage, and daily operations.


Products and Services to fit your business needs

Managed Endpoint Security with SentinelOne

24x7 security monitoring, management, and protection, enhanced with threat hunting for proactive detection, advanced forensic mapping, and automated response.


Enterprise-grade managed endpoint security



Autonomous endpoint agent Endpoints are fortified with tamper protection and patented AI algorithms that live on devices, catching malicious activity in real time as well as autonomously taking remediation actions to help keep the endpoints in a constant clean state.
Respond and rollback SentinelOne’s capabilities extend beyond protection to autonomous responses. By automatically mapping and tracking all endpoint activity, the platform takes pinpointed actions to respond, remediate, and even rollback activity to previous safe states.
IoT Discovery and Control Rogue and IoT device discovery across the network extracts even more value from endpoint cybersecurity. Discover and segment assets to allow for protection, compliance, and control measures to be taken - with zero additional software, network hardware, and consoles.
Cloud Protection Help protect your cloud-native and dynamic container workloads in AWS and Azure, including full support for Kubernetes and Docker. Gain best-of-breed protection and container EDR visibility to the enterprise’s fastest growing attack surface – the cloud.
24X7 Dedicated SOC Team Endpoint security monitoring, management, and support including active threat hunting, forensic mapping, and continuous investigation, triage, and response to threats.
High Touch Service Delivery Provides policy configuration, Incident Response Plan (IRP), on-going system tuning, and training on the platform.
Deep Integration Enhanced detection and response through platform integration and LevelBlue Labs Threat Intelligence and Open Threat Exchange (OTX).
Optional bundled value When bundled with our Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR), gain additional correlation advantages that accelerate threat detection and response.



Solution Brief

Get exponential protection across your business and strengthen cyber resilience

7 common ways ransomware can infect your organization

Product Brief

Protect your business with leading endpoint security and world class managed services

Endpoint security in an age of digital transformation


Maximizing Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response with SentinelOne

Why managed endpoint security?


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