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Modernizing Network Security

Security that grows with your business

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Modernize Your Network Security

Why is this important?

Today’s businesses are experiencing digital transformation, with apps moving to the cloud and users working from anywhere. This challenges security systems and calls for a modernized access management. To simplify a multi-vendor structure, maintain security policies, and comply with standards, you need a thoughtful roadmap and expert guidance. Protecting your business is not just about point products, but also about how to integrate them for a unified approach to security.

What top security looks like in a hybrid environment

Deploy multiple layers of security

One layer of protection, no matter how secure, is not enough to secure your business. Deploy multiple layers of security in your network and on your endpoints to create a comprehensive strategy suitable for today’s threat landscape.

Secure your modern, hybrid workforce 

As businesses look to upgrade from traditional on-premises firewalls, consider how your team access resources necessary for their work. Today’s growing remote workforce and increasing number of connected devices require a modernized approach to secure access. 

Solidify your security posture with managed services

Leverage your existing on-site devices and solutions with a managed network security service to enable a stronger security posture. It’s not just about point products, but how these solutions also fit into your overall approach.


How modernizing network security enables business growth

Admin Control

Enabling and protecting a remote workforce

Provide global identity-based access to the specific applications and resources users need to complete their work from anywhere

Cloud migration

Gain centralized visibility and connect users directly to the cloud with consistent, best-in-class security and compliance

Reduce your risk

Lower the risk of unauthorized access and malware spread while protecting users against web-based threats

Fully managed service

Remove the burden of day-to-day administration from in-house technology teams

Modernizing Network Security Roadmap

The journey to a secure hybrid network can start with your firewall

Build your foundation with Next Generation Firewalls

Network firewalls remain a foundational element of security for inspecting traffic that is moving in and out of your network. Deploy faster and get support with a flexible managed firewall service. Our security experts cover admin, operations, and monitoring of your firewall infrastructure.

  • Centrally manage firewall security
  • Stop attacks from reaching your network
  • Simplify management and improve performance

Premises-Based Firewall Express with Check Point

Premises-Based Firewall

Network-Based Firewall

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Extend detection and response across your attack surface

With Managed XDR, extend detection and response beyond your network to get real-time, centralized visibility across all your endpoints and into your multi-cloud environments.

Managed XDR | Managed Extended Detection & Response | Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Now with XDR

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Help ensure secure remote access with managed ZTNA


Supplement traditional on-premises solutions with next-generation access control.  Ensure employees can access SaaS applications anywhere and anytime and close security gaps with continuous security validation.

ZTNA 2.0 is a suite of capabilities that are built around five key principles:

  • Least-privilege access
  • Continuous trust verification
  • Continuous security inspection
  • Protect all data
  • Secure multiple application types

Managed ZTNA with Palo Alto Networks


Protect Hybrid Cloud environments with managed SWG and CASB


Secure Web Gateway (SWG) ensures secure access to the internet, while CASB provides more granular protection for remote workers and offers greater visibility into SaaS application.

  • Block unsafe websites or content
  • URL Filtering
  • Endpoint encryption
  • Policy enforcement

Secure Web Gateway


Take advantage of bundled network security services


Take advantage of multiple security solutions bundled together for comprehensive network protection. Thwart phishing, block malware, and help prevent sensitive data leakage.

  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Secure Remote Access using Zero Trust
  • Browser protection
  • Email security
  • Premises-based Firewall Express

Bundled Security Services with Check Point

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Converge network and security services with Managed SASE

Streamline network security with Managed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), a set of integrated network and security solutions that include SD-WAN, SWG, CASB, NGFW, and ZTNA.

  • Support branch office, remote worker, and on-premises secure access use cases
  • Enable zero trust access based on the identity of the device or entity
  • Deliver security context and centralize policy

SASE with Palo Alto Networks | Secure SD-WAN with Fortinet for Growing Businesses | SASE with VMware | SASE with CISCO | SASE with Cisco Meraki

Business Outcomes

How modernizing network security empowers business growth


Integrating modern network security solutions enable businesses to scale without sacrificing security.

Visibility and control

Modernizing network security allows businesses to more easily keep track of sensitive information and ensure that the right individuals have access to the resources they need for work.


Explore our product offerings for modernizing network security

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ZTNA 2.0 with Palo Alto Networks

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Managed Extended Detection and Response (Managed XDR)


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