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Managed security services

AT&T Cybersecurity brings together award-winning managed security services and leading threat intelligence to help make it safer for your business to innovate.

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Why AT&T Business for Managed Security?

A trusted advisor for digital transformation

We provide strategy, risk, and advisory services to help you plan and implement security-driven initiatives for digital transformation across the network, cloud, 5G, and IoT.

Up to date threat intelligence

AT&T Alien Labs fuels our SOCs with continuous threat intelligence backed by the Open Threat Exchange and collaboration with the AT&T Chief Security Office so you can stay current with the constantly shifting threat landscape.

Cutting-edge technology

As one of the largest MSSPs in the world, AT&T Cybersecurity fosters strong relationships with leading security technology providers while incubating emerging innovators to provide best-in-class services.

Efficient security operations within your budget

Our software-defined security controls help to reduce your on-premises security footprint, simplify your management, and achieve efficiency within your budget.

Use cases

Our managed security services address these common cybersecurity challenges

Difficulty maintaining staff

There is a global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals which makes hiring, training and retaining top notch cyber staff in-house a major undertaking. AT&T Cybersecurity takes the burden off of your business, providing 24x7 monitoring from the AT&T Global Security Operations Center at a resource efficient cost.

Too many products to manage

Managing a variety of point products is no simple task - these products may create conflicting alerts and it’s expensive to both invest in the licensing of the tooling as well as the ongoing training for your staff. AT&T Cybersecurity offers technological expertise and will help defend your business with an assortment of the latest cybersecurity tools and technologies for your environment. 

Evolving attack surface

The attack surface is constantly changing, threats are adapting, and laws and regulation about personally identifiable information (PII) and data are in a permanent state of evolution. AT&T Cybersecurity will act as your trusted advisor and help your business stay up to date on the latest threats and compliance trends so you don’t have to.

Managed services

Our edge-to-edge technologies provide near-real-time intelligence from every corner of your business

Threat detection



How to help protect your organization with Managed Threat Detection and Response

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The relationship between security maturity and business enablement


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