Winner of the AT&T Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award 2021

October 25, 2021  |  Alicia Dietsch


Todd Waskelis is the winner this year for his outstanding mentoring and building a highly diverse team! He’s built an extremely talented and diverse team with an endless tool chest of cybersecurity, business, and interpersonal skills.

Todd is a magnet for diverse talent and achieves this through an organic approach to inclusivity - he goes far out of his way to ensure that every person in his team is brought into his circle, recognized, and given the tools they need to become successful in his business.

Todd believes that we must do more to drive a culture of diversity and inclusivity while taking greater responsibility for the fundamental way that a career in cybersecurity is portrayed and perceived. Nurturing an inclusive culture in this important industry can bring a greater call to action for those who want to make a difference or change their career path while also building up a stronger infrastructure to protect against cyberthreats and adversaries.

Check out quotes from the highlight reel below to see what’s in store!

Congrats Todd Waskelis, AVP Cybersecurity, Integrated & Partner Solutions - Winner of the AT&T Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award 2021

Todd Waskelis

Here’s a list of some of Todd’s excellent cybersecurity colleagues he’d like me to highlight. We asked them for some of their ideas:


Bindu Sundaresan: Director, Cybersecurity Strategy & CyaaS

 “You can have it all, but you can not have it all at once. It’s key to focus on one thing at a time to be able to accomplish some of those near-term milestones to be able to get to your long-term goals.”


Sarita Rao: SVP, Integrated & Partner Solutions  

Look for the right role models and mentors to help advance your career. In addition to understanding the field and the technology, you must look at cybersecurity from a business standpoint.”


Erin Edwards: Risk Advisory Consultant & CoS  

Be a sponge. Listen twice as much as you speak and take notes. Ask if you can be a part of projects outside of your wheelhouse, even if it’s only from an information gathering perspective. Use that experience and insight gained to help you grow in your career.”


Sherri Hines: Managed Vulnerability Consultant

Read about and follow companies and leaders in technology. Look for opportunities to make business more productive because wherever technology sprouts, security is lurking.”


Louise Le Goff: Senior Cybersecurity Consultant

Step back out of the weeds and think forward regarding how to out manuvere threat actors so I can apply the appropriate controls. How can I out maneauver an overly ambitious client who is breaking scope? How can I navigate clients back into the fold?”


Kathryn Thornton: Regional Operations Manager, Southeast Region

Take the time to understand how technology and cybersecurity drive business operations.”


Carisa Brockman: National Practice Lead, Risk Advisory

“It is imperative in cyber to understand the business. Cybersecurity is about enabling the business to carry out its mission in a secure way. How would you know what to protect if you don’t understand the drivers of the business or the data that is critical to the business. It’s all about managing business risk.”


Tricia Kilian: Regional Operations Manager, Pacific Northwest & West Coast Region

“Security is everybody’s responsibility. Helping to secure our client’s network is all of our responsibilities. It comes down to asking business questions about how we can help them as a good client advocate.”


Upasna Saluja: Senior Cybersecurity Consultant

You are the CEO of your security career. Make sure you have a plan. Just as businesses build out their annual plans, they have targets and goals, so should you. You must establish your own short and long term goals. At least annually, take stock: Where were you last year, how have you grown in terms of skills, knowledge, and expertise.”

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