Russ Spitler

Russ Spitler

Russell Spitler brings over a decade of experience building products and startup companies that secure companies across the globe.  Russ currently serves as the AVP of Products at AT&T Cybersecurity where he is responsible for cybersecurity product strategy and the execution of the cybersecurity product roadmap that has resulted in the acquisition of over 7,000 commercial customers and over 20,000 open source users during his tenure.

Russ was also one of the founders and a driving force behind AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange- a crowd-sourced threat intelligence community with over 100,000 active users from more than 140 countries.  His leadership and focus on practical and effective threat detection has helped establish AlienVault’s open-source and commercial products as an undisputed industry leader.

Prior to AT&T, Russell served in engineering and product management roles at Fortify Software. Russ was instrumental in developing and maturing the Fortify product suite that dominated the application security testing market earning the leadership position in the Gartner MQ for 11 straight years. Fortify’s 750+ customers included all 10 of the world’s 10 largest banks and all the major branches and agencies within the US DoD.

Russell frequently contributes articles and quotes for major news outlets and regularly presents at industry conferences such as RSA, and BlackHat.

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