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Larry Moore has over eighteen years of Information Security experience as part of his thirty year IT career. Larry has worded on diverse areas of Information Security including architecture, secure software development, penetration testing, server administration, project manager and executive manager. Larry has served at the State of Texas in their critical infrastructure protection and in the technical and financial sector.

Larry graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science and began his work on various projects for NASA. His post-NASA work included applications, device drivers and kernel extensions on various operation systems such as OS/2, Windows and Unix variants. His work on the AIX security kernel included audit, single sign-on, PKI and a behavioral-based intrusion detection tool which was a precursor to his migration to the information security field. Larry recently served as the lead Solution Security Officer for Gemalto’s North American region where he ensured the proper delivery of security requirements for the company’s trusted platforms and mobile payment solutions for large and small customers. Larry has also audited, designed or modified the security programs for three of the company’s large data centers across the globe to enable customer mobile payment processing.

Larry serves on the board at the Computer Science department at Parker University in Dallas and the Austin chapter of the International Systems and Security Association. Larry is also Vice-President and IT Sector Chief for the Austin chapter of Infragard and has given numerous presentations and written numerous articles on security architecture, threat intelligence and software development.

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