Kushalveer Singh Bachchas

Kushalveer Singh Bachchas

Kushalveer Singh Bachchas is a Certified Ethical Hacker | Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator | EC-COUNCIL Certified Security Analyst | Information Security Consultant | EC Council Certified Instructor | Cyber Crime Investigator to Law Enforcement agency and Visiting Faculty-Lecturer at Police Training Academy. He regularly conducts Training on Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics Investigation methodologies for Various Law enforcement agencies across the nation.

He has conducted Cyber-Security Workshops for Engineering Students across the nation. He is working as an Information Security Consultant, presently executing the “Digital Security Awareness Campaign”, conducting seminars on “Cyber Threats to Children in Digital World” & “Certified Secure Computer User” for students, teachers and parents to sensitize them about the Types of Cyber Crimes, Preventive Measures to be taken while surfing the Internet, Information Technology Act and the Remedial Measures that can be taken if one is victimized by the cybercriminals. Cyber Security Workshops. To date he has successfully completed workshops Students and Professors for various engineering colleges Nationwide.

Posts by Kushalveer Singh Bachchas

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