Jon Chase

Jon Chase

Jon is a Security Consultant in Secure Infrastructure Services (SIS) for AT&T Security Consulting. JC976T works with organizations to deliver security solutions to complex security challenges and threats.  Key areas of delivery expertise include wireless penetration testing, internal/external penetration testing, application penetration testing and social engineering. Jon understands the highly complex technical aspects of today’s information security field impacting corporate environment on a daily basis and has delivered various types of information security assessments for a multitude of AT&T’s key clients in various verticals.

Prior to being a Security Consultant for AT&T, Jon served as a Network Engineer for a large national motorsports sanctioning organization, Jon’s responsibilities included design, deployment and maintenance of servers, network infrastructure and security devices.  Additionally, Jon operated in the role of a Systems Engineer at a regional ISP in Southern California which included experience with managing 300 firewalls.

Key Highlights & Skills

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

DEFCON attendee 2006-2019.

Diverse experience with multiple operating systems including multiple versions of Windows, *Nix, and various network equipment.

Frequently delivers internal/external network penetration, red teaming,  wireless network penetration testing, social engineering (physical/email/phone), web application penetration testing, thick application assessment, reverse code engineering (RCE), IoT Reverse Engineering/Exploitation and general information security assessments. 

Filled role as Network Engineer at 2nd largest motorsports sanctioning body in the United States.

Led internal information security audits and reports.

Conducted daily log review of key systems: routers, switches, firewalls, Anti-Virus IDS/IPS.

Participated in incident response related to malicious software installations.

Responsible for design and implementation of secure network architectures.

Installation, configuration and maintenance security assets including company routers, firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS, content filter, patch management and antivirus servers.

Installation, configuration and maintenance of Exchange Server 2003, Clustered Exchange Server 2007, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Active Directory and IIS.

Filled role as Systems Engineer at regional internet service provider

<li>Security analysis and firewall trouble shooting for financial firms.</li>

<li>Installation, configuration, and trouble shooting of routers, switches, firewalls, servers, ISDN, DSL, T1, ATM, DS3’s.</li>

<li>Installation, maintenance and trouble shooting of various operating systems including Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.</li>

<li>Incident response to Linux systems compromised with rootkits.</li>

Certifications and Training

<li>OSCP – In Progress</li>


Previously Held Certifications

<li>GCIA Certified Incident Handler (GCIH)</li>

<li>GCIA Security Essentials Certification (GSEC)</li>

Black Hat USA Training

<li>Exploit Lab Blackbelt</li>

<li>Exploit Lab Master</li>

<li>Fuzzing for Vulnerabilities</li>

<li>Mobile Reverse Engineering and Exploitation</li>

SANS 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling

<li>Provided with knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage incidents; to understand common attack techniques and tools; and to defend against and/or respond to such attacks when they occur.</li>

SANS 401: Security Essentials

<li>Instructed with underlying theory of computer security, knowledge and skills required for effectively securing systems and/or organizations.</li>

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