Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

I am a 24year veteran of The Internet. Coming from the days of SLIP and SunOS, I was very quick to adopt the BSD TCP/IP stack and the World Wide Web. In my career I have maintained several websites, designed hundreds of networks, and provided thousands of hours of support and consulting for friends/family/customers/the public. A strict idealist at heart, it brings me quite a bit of joy to challenge the status-quo in technology and use a bit of humor along-the-way to lighten the load. My favorite operating system remains anything BSD (macOS included), but Microsoft pays the bills. A lifelong passion of tinkering, and ethical hacking has been a great benefit to me, and cybersecurity is an area I have been steadily involved in for the majority of my 24-year career. I’m a soon-to-be first time father, and hope at some point I can take an ACTUAL vacation.

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