Erin Edwards

Erin Edwards

Erin Edwards is currently in AT&T Cybersecurity on the Cybersecurity Consulting team.

In her role, Erin works as a delivery consultant and has been immersed into various aspects of cybersecurity consulting including marketing, creation of new services, sales training collateral, and identification of compliance requirements and mapping solutions to specific compliance requirements. Her primary areas of responsibility include client delivery engagements and consulting engagement process flow.

She is viewed as a focused and determined individual offering the passion for knowledge to drive bottom line growth and business while identifying problems, anticipating risk, and communicating. Erin earned her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Cybersecurity from The University of North Florida. Erin started at AT&T June 2017 in the Cybersecurity Development Program (CDP) and will graduate the program in June 2020.

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