AlienApp for MobileIron Threat Defense

Automate endpoint detection and response with the AlienApp for MobileIron Threat Defense

  • MobileIron Threat Defense
  • MobileIron Cloud
  • Endpoint
  • Detection
  • Response

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AlienApps extend USM Anywhere’s threat detection and orchestration capabilities to other security tools at no additional cost.
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The AlienApp for MobileIron Threat Defense enhances the threat detection and response capabilities of USM Anywhere by collecting and analyzing log data from the MobileIron zConsole and providing orchestration actions to streamline incident response activities via the MobileIron Cloud platform. The AlienApp allows the user to automatically ingest threat logs, mobile asset discovery details, and user data from the zConsole into USM Anywhere.

The AlienApp for MobileIron provides a set of orchestration actions that help enable customers to quickly take action on their endpoints in response to threats directly from USM Anywhere, including:

  • Delete a user
  • Change a password
  • Restart a device
  • Wipe a device (Factory reset)
  • Lock and un-lock a device
  • Retire a device (Corporate reset)

Why you’ll love the AlienApp for MobileIron Threat Defense


Manage mobile endpoints from a single console

  • Manage mobile platforms such as iOS and Android with ease from a single console
  • Automatically integrate your mobile data with your other data in USM Anywhere to create an authoritative view to help detect patterns across assets
  • Help to protect business services across mobile endpoints while defending against malware and viruses

Enhance threat detection and response capabilities

  • Detect and respond to malicious threats on all of your endpoints directly from USM Anywhere
  • Investigate incidents efficiently with rich and contextualized threat data in a single pane of glass
  • Detect and remediate known and zero-day attacks on the subscribed devices without disruption to users’ productivity

Extend your monitoring capabilities

  • Gain a centralized view of your entire environment and threats detected on your mobile devices and endpoints, allowing you to respond more quickly
  • Centrally monitor and analyze events and alerts gathered from all your security solutions within USM Anywhere
  • Quickly prioritize threats based on the latest threat intelligence from Alien Labs and the Open Threat Exchange
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