AlienVault to Examine “the Lazy Attacker”, and How to Defend Against Broad-Based Cyberattacks

Live Webcast featuring AlienVault Labs Director Jaime Blasco to provide best practices for optimizing incident response programs using unified and collaborative defenses

SAN MATEO, Calif. – (June 12, 2013) – AlienVault, the leading Unified Security Management provider committed to making security visibility complete, simple and affordable, will host a free webinar this Thursday, June 13 titled, “The Lazy Attacker: Defending Against Broad-based Cyber Attacks,” featuring AlienVault’s Labs Director, Jaime Blasco, and vice president of product marketing, Sandy Hawke. While advanced persistent threats, or APTs, dominate the news and most security strategies, “lazy attackers” using the “lowest common denominator” methods of attack are wreaking havoc. This webinar will define what the “lazy attacker” is and how they work, and help participants understand how sharing threat information with others can help combat pernicious broad-based attacks.

Blasco will discuss how participants can:

  • Understand the common exploit methods of the “lazy attacker”
  • Review the benefits of a collaborative approach to threat intelligence
  • Prioritize defensive tactics and remediation activities
  • Implement a unified, simplified approach to threat management

“While many security professionals focus their attentions on the most sophisticated APTs, it’s easy to forget that a lot of cyber criminals deploy recycled attack methods using the same source set of IP addresses,” said Jaime Blasco, Director of AlienVault Labs. “By leveraging collaborative threat intelligence about these attacks such as AlienVault's Open Threat Exchange, security professionals can implement the essential defenses to easily mitigate against these attacks.”


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