AlienVault Announces New Certification Program

Ensures Standardized Excellence and Advanced Knowledge with AlienVault’s USM Platform

SAN MATEO, CA – May 19, 2015 – AlienVault™, the leading provider of Unified Security Management™ and crowd-sourced threat intelligence, today announced its enhanced AlienVault Certified Security Engineer (ACSE) certification program. AlienVault established the ACSE program to recognize individuals who demonstrate the requisite knowledge and skills in planning, designing, implementing and operating the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) platform.

"We're excited to introduce a new ACSE certification that was created with industry experts to accurately validate technical skills with AlienVault USM," said Don Field, Vice President of Educational Services at AlienVault. "Many security professionals are seeking a way to demonstrate and promote their skills by earning a certification that is a distinct indicator of quality in the security industry. AlienVault partners and customers seeking top talent will benefit from the rigor and integrity of the ACSE exam process."

IT and Security Professionals who would like to be ACSE certified must take the ACSE exam, offered by Kryterion, at one of the company’s 750 test centers worldwide. Organizations that work with ACSE certified professionals will be assured that these individuals are well-versed in the best practices for the deployment and management of AlienVault’s USM platform.

“To pass the ACSE test, you really need to work with USM – you need to know the menus and how to navigate the features,” said Tony Dow, Lead Security Engineer, Hawaiian Telcom. “I have a lot of respect for AlienVault as a company, and I’m proud to have the ACSE on my resume.”

“I also have CISSP, CEH and CHFI certifications, and they are great,” said Karl Hart, Manager of Information Security, CyberCon Security Solutions, LLC. "But on my business card, I put ACSE first. The difference with the ACSE is that you really need hands-on experience and knowledge.” 

The ACSE exam was created using industry-standard psychometric techniques and the participation of the AlienVault Certification Advisory and Development Board. Board members include AlienVault customers, partners and employees with broad expertise in AlienVault USM and the security industry.

“The new ACSE certification is a great indicator for finding quality staff to expand our Managed Services based on the AlienVault USM technology,” said Shawn Ellerthorpe, Director of Managed Security Services at AlliedInfoSecurity. 

The ACSE exams cost $200 and can be taken at any of the Kryterion test centers. Certification holders will receive a logo designating their completion of the exam that can be displayed on business cards, resumes, LinkedIn profiles and more. In addition, certificate holders that work for an organization with an existing support contract will receive priority access to AlienVault support engineers.

"We are so excited to see the AlienVault Certified Security Engineer certification going live. Kryterion is greatly looking forward to supporting this valuable opportunity for those seeking this important credential." – William Dorman, CEO of Kryterion

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