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Unified Security Management for government

See how we help state, local and public sector agencies get full visibility into threats impacting their environment with one simple and affordable solution.

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Unified Security Management for government


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Detect, Analyze & Respond to Today’s Threats

Government cyber security is difficult even in the best of times because of limited budgets, competing priorities, and legacy systems. The Unified Security Management™ (USM) platform overcomes these challenges by unifying five essential security capabilities in a single management platform. Our approach helps your existing IT team secure your networks and improve cyber incident visibility, on day one.

The USM™ platform delivers asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring and security information and event management (SIEM) in a single solution, enabling you to:

  • Measure, manage, and report on information security policy and regulatory compliance
  • Identify emerging threats targeting your environment quickly and accurately
  • Respond faster to incidents and conduct thorough investigations
  • Optimize your existing security investments while reducing risk
  • Unify essential government network security management

Accelerate threat detection and response

  • Detects threats that have evaded perimeter security tools
  • Identifies the most significant threats in your network with kill-chain taxonomy

Increase cyber security visibility with integrated threat intelligence

  • Extends the security expertise of your IT team
  • Delivers context-specific response guidance in every alert

Reduce costs, reduce complexity

  • Eliminates need for stand-alone network security products with integrated security controls
  • Maximizes effectiveness of existing staff and tools

Improve regulatory and policy compliance

  • Monitors continuously for complete security awareness
  • Automates and simplifies policy compliance

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Accelerate Threat Detection and Response

There is no way to prevent a dedicated, patient attacker from breaching your network. Relying on preventive tools that sit at the network edge is not enough—you need cyber security threat detection inside your network as well.

USM's platform puts built-in, essential security controls and seamlessly integrated threat intelligence, powered by Alien Labs, into the hands of government IT teams with limited resources. You can now deploy a single platform that accelerates threat detection and response by showing the most important threats and how to mitigate them, on day one.

USM utilizes a Kill Chain Taxonomy, which makes threat detection and prioritization easy. Our Kill Chain Taxonomy allows you to focus your attention on the most important threats by classifying attacks into five categories. It tells your IT team what are the most important threats facing your network right now.

Increase Situational Awareness with Integrated Threat Intelligence

Government agencies with limited IT staff often lack time to research new threats, or access to threat intelligence. This prevents them from being able to keep up with the constantly evolving threat landscape and answer critical questions about threats targeting their network, such as “who, what, why, and how”.

We understand that you lack the budget to hire dedicated security analysts to research data from your point-product security tools. The Alien Labs team acts like an extension of your IT team by conducting threat research and publishing weekly updates to the USM correlation rules that sift through the mountains of data in your log files to alert you of critical indicators of compromise.

Reduce Costs, Reduce Complexity

USM’s unified approach puts all the security controls you need at your fingertips. Its flexible, open architecture also lets you integrate and correlate events from existing security products into its correlation engine for analysis. This single view accelerates and simplifies your ability to detect and respond to threats while also protecting your investment in legacy security tools.

Eliminating the manual monitoring of security point-products enables you to redeploy personnel to more productive tasks like responding to threats. USM lets you make better use of scarce human resources by freeing them from the burden of managing separate security products to execute your cybersecurity strategy.

Improve Regulatory and Policy Compliance

Government agencies must meet a wide array of standards for information security controls and risk management, including DIACAP / DIARMF, DISA STIGs, CNSS 1253, NIST, PCI and more. Your IT team doesn’t have the time or resources to manually manage the network, monitor its security, and measure and report on cyber security policy compliance. USM automates and simplifies these manual processes, putting time back in your team’s day.

USM continually monitors and evaluates your security controls, identifies and reports on important audit events, and alerts you to events that require immediate action. You can customize its flexible executive dashboard and reporting engine to demonstrate compliance with the specific standards required for your agency, and built-in reports are provided for many common compliance requirements.


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Provide agency mission success with threat detection and response

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