Unified Endpoint Management: A powerful tool for your cybersecurity arsenal

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Welcome to the “Everywhere Workplace.” It’s here thanks to new mobile and cloud computing technologies that empower users to be more productive, on any device, and virtually anywhere they work. Today’s workers choose from an extensive range of mobile endpoints, operating systems, applications, and cloud services to access the corporate resources that they need for work.

The Everywhere Workplace makes business more flexible, but it also carries risks. More data is flowing freely across and outside of the enterprise. That’s why IT needs to establish trust in a zero-trust world. In other words, you must assume that every user, device, app, network, and cloud is at risk of compromise. Building a zero-trust security environment requires a new mindset and technical approach to security starting with good cyber hygiene and a foundational process. Fortunately, that’s something every organization can start doing today.

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