Total Cost of Ownership: USM Appliance vs USM Anywhere

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Business technology isn’t just on-premises anymore. With the migration of critical technologies to the cloud, your business needs to monitor and protect all your environments.  

Migrating from USM Appliance™ to USM Anywhere™ helps position you to detect and respond to threats, both on-premises and in your cloud environments. 

To help you understand the greater capabilities and overall cost efficiency of USM Anywhere, we’ve put together this comparison guide, which includes:

  • Side-by-side comparison of platform capabilities

  • Key benefits exclusive to USM Anywhere at no extra cost, including: threat detection and response capabilities for cloud environments and remote endpoints, and built-in automation and orchestration with other security technologies and IT workflow tools

  • Total cost of ownership USM Appliance vs USM Anywhere comparison  

Download this paper to better understand why making the switch from USM Appliance to USM Anywhere makes financial, business, and security sense.