GDPR Compliance Checklist: A 9-Step Guide

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The GDPR, or General Data Privacy Regulation, will come into force in May of 2018 and requires organizations to maintain a plan to detect a data breach, regularly evaluate the effectiveness of security practices, and document evidence of compliance. If you don’t already have the required security tools and controls in place, your organization will need to start planning now to achieve compliance.

This GDPR compliance checklist lays out 9 steps you can take now to best prepare for the new regulations, including:

  • Implementing a SIEM tool with compliance-adhering log management capabilities
  • Taking an inventory of critical assets with sensitive data
  • Undertaking vulnerability scanning to identify areas of weakness which are at risk of exploitation

Download this GDPR compliance checklist now to ensure you are well-prepared for the new regulation, and learn how AlienVault USM can help simplify and accelerate your GDPR compliance readiness.