What European CISOs must know about Zero Trust in 2020: Part 2

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As Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) strive for a winning security strategy during and post-COVID-19, many are turning to the Zero Trust model. However, the journey to Zero Trust can be daunting in a world of limited resources and time.

Join us for a two-part expert session, led by Derrick Johnson of AT&T Cybersecurity and the creator of Zero Trust, John Kindervag, of Palo Alto Networks, where we will explore the core pillars and critical concepts behind Zero Trust and its implementation.

Our speakers will also discuss why the Zero Trust model should be at the forefront of every European CISOs mind in order to help maintain business continuity during an evolving pandemic environment.

  •  Part One: Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 – Why Zero Trust now? How network and workforce changes are driving the adoption of the ZT model.
  •  Part Two: Tuesday, July 28th, 2020 – How to get to Zero Trust? Highlights from a new report from AT&T Cybersecurity and Chief Security Office on Zero Trust.


• John O’Malley, Director, EMEA, AT&T Cybersecurity

• John Kindervag, Field CSO, Palo Alto Networks

• Derrick Johnson, Principle Architect, AT&T Cybersecurity

• Tawnya Lancaster, PMM, AT&T Cybersecurity

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