The Science of Cybersecurity: Digital Transformation in Retail

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Retail as an industry has been in a transformational mode for the past several years – add a pandemic and consumers wanting to do everything from the safety of their computer screens and the pace of change increases at an unprecedented rate.

Retail organizations are working closely with cybersecurity professionals to lead with a security-first mindset to help provide that personally identifiable information (PII) is protected, the expanded attack surface with an increase in connected devices is highly secure, and the IT systems supporting the retail business are up to date and managed.

Join Courtney Radke, Fortinet National Retail CISO and Theresa Lanowitz, AT&T Cybersecurity for an informative 30-minute conversation about the changing face of retail and how to proactively lead digital transformation activities with a security-first mindset to help drive desired business outcomes.

Courtney and Theresa will discuss:

  • How retail is adapting to new demands through use of innovative technologies
  • Why IoT is a key enabler for digital transformation and why the expanded attack surface should be proactively managed
  • How to lead with a security-first mindset to help deliver desired business outcomes

Meet Your Hosts:

Courtney Radke

Fortinet National Retail CISO

Theresa Lanowitz

Director, AT&T Cybersecurity