The Importance of Mobile Security

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Digital innovation continues to advance how businesses operate in ways never imagined possible before. To accomplish this transformation, many businesses have turned to mobile devices as a primary means of productivity. This pivot to mobile has been a crucial adjustment especially given the current times. But along with the growth in mobile usage for businesses, many hackers have also pivoted their attacks to mobile. In fact, according to AT&T Partner, Lookout, phishing on mobile devices quadrupled in the last year.

Phishing, a form of social engineering, is the most common attack method and is particularly effective on mobile devices. Hackers can bypass traditional security controls that don’t adequately account for a mobile platform and leave businesses vulnerable to attacks. Listen to AT&T and Lookout discuss these mobile threats and how to implement and enforce security policies on your mobile devices.   

In this webinar you will hear:

  • The unique security challenges of mobile devices and where protection from traditional security tools may fall short.
  • Simulate how a hacker could navigate their way on to a mobile device and the data they could exploit.
  • Offer a high-level overview of Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security’s solution architecture and the importance of protecting against each key threat vector.
  • Conduct a demonstration of the user interface, showing the simplicity of how to view performance dashboards, perform qualitative analysis of data, access logs, and run reports.

Meet Your Hosts:

George Salemie

Mobile Security Executive - AT&T Cybersecurity

Lisa Ashjian

Product Marketing Manager - AT&T Cybersecurity

Jose Garcia

Sales Engineer - Lookout