Rest easy with NIST compliance, security vulnerability awareness and real time threat detection

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LICN, as a partner with AT&T Cybersecurity, offers multiple necessary security capabilities to K-12 districts in a single SaaS Platform, AlienVault USM Anywhere.

In this webinar, you will hear how:

  • AT&T Cybersecurity can help districts stay NIST compliant and secure without deploying and managing multiple point security technologies.
  • The AlienVault USM platform helps district stay secure in more ways than NIST compliance, it provides regular recurring internal vulnerability assessments that keeps a constant pulse on district security posture.
  • In addition, AlienVault USM performs real time threat intelligence, Intrusion Detection, compliance log management and reporting through ingestion of all networking equipment, firewall appliances, compatible antivirus software, server logs, and much more. 
  • By using the power of cloud computing and proprietary real time threat intelligence, AlienVault USM will alert on ransomware and other threats. Districts can now know about all detected threats immediately through AlienVault USM monitoring and LICN NOC alerting. 


Richard Cintorino, Cybersecurity Specialist & NOC Engineer | LICN

Steven Mazza, President & NOC Engineer | LICN

Christopher Milian, Account Manager | LICN

Rhett Wood, Channel Account Manager | AT&T Cybersecurity

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