New (and free) analysis tools for the cyber threat hunter

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Today’s threat detection systems are highly effective for most attacks however no single system can detect 100 percent of attacks all the time. In response, security teams are turning to proactive threat hunting to help find the bad actors in their environment that have slipped past initial defenses.

Join AT&T Cybersecurity to see how you can use the AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange (OTX™), among the world’s largest open threat-sharing communities, along with free malware and threat analysis tools to improve your threat hunting program.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

● New features in OTX for threat hunting, including how to submit suspicious files and URLs for analysis

● Enhanced functionality for our indicator of compromise (IoC) extraction tool, which now includes the ability to auto-extract indicators from emails and PCAP files

● How OTX can help you quickly identify and investigate new and evolving threat trends

● How Alien Labs is using analytics and machine learning for threat analysis that is then fed back into the OTX community


Chris Doman, Principle Information Security Engineer, AT&T Alien Labs™

Tawnya Lancaster, Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Alien Labs™

Amy Pace, Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Alien Labs™