How to Prepare for the Inevitable Security Incident with Digital Forensics Essentials

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As soon as you detect a security incident or breach in your environment, things move fast. You need to be able to quickly ascertain what happened and how as well as which assets were involved, so that you can decide how to respond, mitigate impact, and report the incident to the business and any affected parties. In this critical time between detection and remediation, your digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) readiness is key to success. 

What does it take to be forensics-ready? Join AT&T Cybersecurity for a special session webcast on DFIR readiness. 

We’ll address the following questions: 

  • What does DFIR readiness include? What frameworks exist? 
  • What security tools and technologies are essential for DFIR? 
  • How does an effective DFIR program utilize security orchestration and automation reduce time to response (TTR)? 
  • How can AT&T Cybersecurity solutions help you accelerate and simplify your DFIR?

Meet Your Hosts:

Danielle Russell

Group Product Marketing Manager

Aaron Genereaux

Sales Engineer