How to evolve your web and internet security for SD-WAN, Mobility and Cloud

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Today, most organizations rely on cloud apps and services to get work done. Yet, protecting access to the cloud and the broader internet is a growing challenge as workers increasingly want access to your cloud assets from branch offices, mobile devices, and other locations not sitting safely behind your network firewall. Doing nothing is not an option, as the cyber threat landscape continues to shift and scale, making every user and device a potential target for an attack.

Your security controls must transform as your organization adopts cloud, mobility, and SD-WAN technologies. With a cloud-native security gateway solution like AT&T Global Security Gateway, you can quickly improve your security defenses to help  protect your users’ cloud and internet access wherever and however they connect.

Join us for this webcast to learn more about how cloud, mobility, and SD-WAN are disrupting traditional approaches to network security and  how AT&T Cybersecurity can help. In this webcast, you’ll learn how:

•    Network and cloud evolution are disrupting our existing security best practices

•    A cloud-native security gateway can help protect access to the cloud and internet

•    AT&T Global Security Gateway can help  provide a faster, simpler path to cloud security

•    AT&T Cybersecurity delivers managed security services to help you achieve a virtually seamless security strategy across your cloud, networks, and devices

Meet Your Hosts:

Rich Langston

Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Cybersecurity

Brandon Benke

Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Cybersecurity