Getting beyond crisis: The next phase of mobile security

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Expert insight from Mark Bowker (Enterprise Strategy Group), Russell Mohr (MobileIron) and AT&T Cybersecurity

As the world continues to face challenges on how to safely conduct business, companies everywhere are rethinking their current and future state and questioning if they are planning appropriately. Organizations need to enable solutions that meet the needs of the customer in the safest way possible for both the customers and the employees yet still stay focused on driving revenue and cost out of the business.

Together, MobileIron and AT&T are helping customers figure out this new model — one that supports touchless transactions and limited face to face interaction by highly securing mobile devices and apps so companies have one less thing to worry about as their business environment continues to evolve. Now, with many companies minimizing how many people are in the office, they need to help protect even more devices, including BYOD, office desktops, and shared company-owned tablets. Don’t miss this webinar with MobileIron and AT&T and special guest Mark Bowker from Enterprise Strategy Group to get the latest insight on how to adapt your mobile security strategy to this new set of requirements.

Join us to learn :

  • What are the trends and what does this mean for your employees
  • How mobile threats differ from office-based threats and how to help protect against them
  • The importance of adaptive zero trust policies and smart access control decisions
  • From a demonstration of the power of managing and helping to protect the device in one application

Meet Your Hosts:

Lisa Ashjian

Lead Product Marketing Manager - AT&T Cybersecurity

Mark Bowker

Senior Analyst - Enterprise Strategy Group

Russell Mohr

Head of Sales Engineering, Americas – MobileIron