Building Blocks for a Cyber Resilient 2021 and beyond

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There is no more business as usual. Rapid and dramatic changes concerning how and where personnel perform their daily responsibilities require companies to provide that their security infrastructure, controls, processes, and plans are updated and operational. 2020 has been a year full of change, and we've gone through digital transformation initiatives in the span of a single year that probably would have taken us many years.

Join us for a 1-hour webcast as our AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting team discusses steps you can take to help build resilience now, especially when the future feels less than certain. Designed for CIOs, CISOs, and security experts facing new challenges on the front line, topics will cover:

• Cyber Transformation & Risk Management
• Cloud Security Architecture and Path to Zero Trust
• Managing Compliance with a remote workforce
• Threat and Vulnerability Management and Rapid Response

The pressure is on to maximize - possibly reduce - your IT/security spend, but you know that cybersecurity is critical. In this webcast, we will cover priorities for 2021 Cybersecurity as you work towards Cyber Resilience.


  • Bindu Sundaresan, Director, AT&T Cybersecurity
  • Derrick Johnson, Principle Architect, Cyber Operations, AT&T Cybersecurity
  • Carisa Brockman, Principal Architect, Risk Advisory, AT&T Cybersecurity
  • Clint Harris, Principle Architect, Cyber as a Service