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Join us for this 1-hour LIVE event featuring a technical demonstration of AT&T Global Security Gateway Premium.

The Internet has become a vital tool in how workers access information and perform their job duties. Whether it be conducting research, placing orders, or marketing through social media, access to the web is indispensable. And while the Internet is packed full of useful information and utility, it is also the platform for transmitting countless types of malware including viruses, worms, keyloggers, and ransomware.

Traditionally, organizations have addressed this risk by installing perimeter security devices such as firewalls at their data centers. But with applications moving to the cloud, the trend towards telecommuting, and bring your own device policies, fewer employees are connecting to VPN, thus bypassing those controls. Without guardrails, the possibility of a security incident becomes more likely as employees freely surf the net, click links, and download files without corporate visibility or policy enforcement.

In this webcast we will:

  • Discuss the unique challenges that businesses are facing in today’s environment that make it difficult to protect remote users.
  • Reveal how AT&T Global Security Gateway Premium can provide administrators with broad visibility and help simplify policy enforcement.
  • Offer a high level overview of the solution’s architecture.
  • Conduct a demonstration of the user interface, showing how to view performance dashboards, perform deeper analysis of data, access logs, and run reports.

Hosted by:

  • Mary Blackowiak, Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Cybersecurity
  • Joseph Iacovelli, Technical Security Consultant, AT&T Cybersecurity