NIST Cybersecurity Framework Compliance with AlienVault USM Anywhere

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The National Institute of Technology (NIST) created the Cyber Security Framework (CSF) as a voluntary framework to provide organizations with guidance on how to prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. Based on a 2016 survey, 70% of respondents recognized NIST CSF as a popular security best practice. NIST CSF adoption continues to accelerate as many IT security professionals recognize the framework as a pathway to maintain compliance with regulatory standards, like PCI DSS.

This solution brief describes how AlienVault USM Anywhere helps you accelerate your adoption of NIST CSF by combining multiple essential security capabilities into a single platform, giving you an affordable and easy to use solution for security and compliance management. In addition, USM Anywhere provides highly customizable, predefined reports for NIST CSF out of the box, making it fast and simple to get the visibility you need to maintain your organization’s security posture.