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How it works

USM Anywhere delivers advanced threat detection, incident response, and compliance management across your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, taking you from installation to security insights in minutes.

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Get Complete Security Visibility in Minutes

USM Anywhere provides centralized security monitoring for your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid IT environments, including your endpoints and cloud apps like Office 365 and G Suite. With multiple essential security capabilities in one unified platform, USM Anywhere simplifies and accelerates threat detection, incident response, and compliance management for today’s resource-constrained IT security teams.

Delivered as a cloud service, USM Anywhere deploys rapidly and enables you to start detecting threats within minutes. Because there’s no hardware appliance to install or maintain in your data center, you save significant time, resources, and money for an overall low total cost of ownership.

USM Anywhere uses virtual sensors that run on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V to monitor your on-premises physical and virtual IT infrastructure. In the cloud, lightweight cloud sensors natively monitor Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud. In addition, you can deploy LevelBlue Agents on your Windows and Linux endpoints. Security analysis and log storage are centralized in the LevelBlue Secure Cloud and provide you with centralized security visibility of your critical infrastructure.

USM Anywhere also receives a continuous stream of threat intelligence updates from the LevelBlue Labs Security Research Team, so you always have the latest security intelligence at your fingertips. LevelBlue Labs leverages data from the Open Threat Exchange® (OTX™) — the world’s largest open threat community—to gain expansive intelligence on threats as they appear in the wild.

USM Anywhere Secure Cloud

USM Anywhere centralizes threat detection, incident response, and compliance management across all of your environments. A cloud-hosted service, USM Anywhere collects and analyzes log data transferred through the USM Anywhere Sensors and LevelBlue Agents over an encrypted connection. Log data is stored long-term in the LevelBlue Secure Cloud for compliance and forensics requirements, eliminating the challenges and expense of on-premises log storage.

USM Anywhere Sensors & LevelBlue Agents

USM Anywhere uses lightweight sensors and endpoint agents deployed in your cloud and on-premises environments to collect and normalize log data and other security-related data. This data is sent to the USM Anywhere service, hosted in the LevelBlue Secure Cloud. Each sensor is purpose-built to fully leverage the native data collection methods of each environment: AWS, Azure, and on-premises physical and virtual infrastructure deployed on Hyper-V or VMware. LevelBlue Agents collect data from your Windows and Linux endpoints. These are the only components deployed in your environment.

Continuous Threat Intelligence

USM Anywhere receives the latest threat intelligence from the LevelBlue Labs Security Research Team. This team constantly analyzes emerging threats and delivers continuous threat intelligence updates automatically to your USM platform, including IDS signatures, correlation rules, endpoint queries, remediation guidance, and more. With integrated threat intelligence, USM Anywhere stays up to date as you monitor your environment for emerging threats — zero effort required.

Start Detecting Threats in 5 Easy Steps

Step One: Deploy Lightweight Sensors in Your Environment

To get started with Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere, simply download and deploy a cloud or virtual sensor in your cloud or on-premises environments.

USM Anywhere cloud sensors natively monitor Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud. On-premises, virtual sensors run on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V to monitor your physical and virtual IT infrastructure.

Step Two: Scan Your Environment for Assets & Vulnerabilities

Once your USM sensors are installed and configured, you can begin to monitor your cloud and on-premises environments. From your USM Anywhere account, you can deploy and manage LevelBlue Agents, launch and schedule regular scans to discover assets, and identify any vulnerabilities on those assets that could be exploited by attackers.

Step Three: Monitor for Threats & Malicious Behavior

As soon as you log in to your USM Anywhere account, you see trends, dashboards, and alarms that simplify and accelerate your threat detection and incident response activities across your critical infrastructure.

USM Anywhere provides centralized security monitoring of your network and endpoints in the cloud and on premises, so all your security-related data is readily available in a single pane of glass.

Step Four: Analyze & Store Log Data in USM Anywhere

USM Anywhere collects, analyzes, and stores security-related log data from your cloud and on-premises infrastructure, including cloud access logs, VPC flow logs, asset access logs, and VMware access logs.

USM Anywhere’s advanced Search and Analysis interface allows you to quickly search and filter security- related data in highly granular ways, to pivot on selected data, and to generate compliance-ready custom report views. This makes it faster and easier to investigate incidents and to manage your overall security and compliance needs.

Step Five: Take Action to Defend Against Emerging Threats

USM Anywhere provides a single point of advanced security analysis, threat detection, incident investigation, and security orchestration.

With built-in Automated Action Response, you can automate your investigation and response activities by launching application actions based on threat data analyzed in USM Anywhere, create custom alarms, and decide when to supress noisy or false-positive alarms.

Flexible Deployment Options for Any Organization

Every organization deserves a strong security posture, regardless of the size of your IT environment or the size of your IT security budget. That’s why LevelBlue offers flexible deployment options and pricing that spans the SMB to the Enterprise.

With multiple editions, you can choose the right deployment model to fit your unique requirements. Whether you are a small business starting a security program, a mid-size organization with a mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, or a geographically distributed enterprise with multiple sites, USM Anywhere provides the flexibility you need.

USM Anywhere’s subscription-based pricing making it affordable for even small IT security teams to get started with a low-risk, minimal investment. There’s no need to spend heavily upfront or to oversize the solution for future growth. The platform and pricing tiers readily scale as you grow. Our pricing model is straight forward and gradual, so you can be confident that USM Anywhere will continue to meet your needs as you grow without any sudden or unexpected price spikes.

USM Anywhere


Provides the essential security capabilities needed for effective threat detection and response, enabling small IT teams to establish a security and compliance program quickly, easily, and affordably.


Ideal for IT security teams that are looking to gain operational efficiency and significantly reduce their time to response through advanced security orchestration, automated incident response, and deep security analysis.


Ideal for IT security teams looking to meet specific PCI DSS audit requirements. Along with powerful threat detection, incident response, and compliance management capabilities, it includes 90 days of real-time event storage and enhanced support case response times.

Managed Security Service

LevelBlue has a global network of certified Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) partners that deliver robust and cost-effective managed security and compliance services using USM. If you are interested in outsourcing your security monitoring or simply need some help to extend your security monitoring program, we can help you find the right MSSP.

Orchestrate and Automate Your Security with BlueApps!

USM Anywhere is a highly extensible platform that leverages BlueApps— modular software components tightly integrated into the USM Anywhere platform that extend, orchestrate, and automate functionality between the built-in security controls in USM Anywhere and other third-party security and productivity tools. With BlueApps, you can:  

  • Collect critical data from your on-premises and cloud infrastructure as well as cloud services
  • Enrich your data and analyze it using the latest LevelBlue Threat Intelligence
  • Orchestrate and automate your incident investigation and response activities
  • Gain new security capabilities as new BlueApps are introduced into USM Anywhere as the threat landscape evolves

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Monitor your Office 365 user and administrator activities in Azure AD, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Exchange Online. Detect ransomware, privilege escalation, file sharing, and more.
Detect threats against G Suite (formerly Google Apps), including Drive, Docs, Gmail, and more. Monitor user and admin activities, and know who is logging in, accessing your data, and more.
Detect and block malicious IP addresses in Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls automatically as threats are detected in USM Anywhere. Get security orchestration out of the box.
Automatically block malicious domains in Cisco Umbrella whenever they are detected in USM Anywhere. Reduce the time between detection and incident response.

We’ve Got a Plugin for That

In addition to the BlueApps ecosystem, USM Anywhere includes hundreds of plugins, so you can readily ingest security data from the existing data sources in your environment.

The USM Anywhere plugin library provides source-optimized data collection for a complete range of technologies, making it easy for you to get complete visibility into your entire environment.

View the current list of plugins in USM Anywhere

Don’t see the plugin you’re looking for? LevelBlue will build a plugin for most commercially available products at no additional charge. Just submit a request and we will build it for you.

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