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SASE with Cisco Meraki

A stronger, more secure network, no matter your size.

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A shift in the IT landscape

More devices connected to the network

Employees and contractors conduct businesses from multiple devices, while customers interact with kiosks and connect to Wi-Fi to shop or browse the internet. We also rely on a wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to drive efficiencies.

Users are working from many locations

Not all work is accomplished within a company owned location. Many employees have discovered that they can be just as productive – or more – from home or even a coffee shop.

Data is everywhere

With the advent of the remote workforce and cloud applications, sensitive data including customer lists, payment information, and trade secrets is now spread across on-site servers, the cloud, and company issues or personal devices.

While this agility drives improved productivity and user experiences, it also make security complex, particularly for resource-constrained small and mid-sized businesses.


Robust connectivity and security that easily scales to meet the needs of your growing business

Better user experience

Provide convenient, high-speed, and consistent access to users, wherever they are located.

Increased network performance and resiliency

Intelligently route traffic over multiple internet connections, prioritize bandwidth, and connect users directly to the internet and cloud applications.

Reduced risk of security breach

Limits the number of users who have access to sensitive information and lessens the possibility of unauthorized access and malware spread.

Centralized visibility

Keep in the know on network performance and security threats across locations, users, and devices.

Superior scalability

Cloud first networking and security can flex as your company expands or changes workplace designations.

Managed by network and security experts

We alleviate the burden on lean in-house technology teams by taking care of deployment, configuration, and day to day maintenance.

Offer components

Connecting and protecting every user, device, and network edge

Wi-Fi with Cisco Meraki

This comprehensive suite of network solutions delivers reliable wireless coverage required by customers and business applications, boosts network performance and resiliency, and provides convenience and secure access to teleworkers.

Secure Remote Access with Cisco

User identity is verified and device health is validated before allowing access to company resources and applications. Zero Trust network access then allows users to access only the specific applications required to complete their job duties. Users are able to connect directly to the internet and cloud applications without routing through the data center, improving application performance and experience.

Secure Web Gateway with Cisco

Cloud-delivered security that protects users from web-based threats and preserves productivity by blocking access to malicious, or time-wasting, or inappropriate sites.

Use cases

Robust connectivity and security that scales to meet the needs of your growing business

Secure Edge

SASE with Cisco Meraki enables high-performing, resilient, and secure networks that accommodate wired or wireless connectivity, deliver actionable customer insights, and improves IT agility. This solution empowers administrators to grant prescriptive access as well as visibility into where sensitive data is stored, so they can adjust security policies accordingly.

Secure remote workforce

SASE with Cisco Meraki provides convenient, high-performance access to applications hosted at the data center or in the cloud and security that follows users wherever they work, on network or off.

Managed services

Having the right managed services partner is everything

Our team of network and cybersecurity experts can help relieve the burden on in-house technology teams and offers:

  • Reduced cost for cybersecurity labor and tools
  • Extensive SD-WAN and cybersecurity knowledge and expertise
  • Efficient deployment and issues resolution
  • Complementary network managed services and transport circuits
  • Custom cloud-delivered security solutions


Solution Brief

SASE: A stronger, more secure network, no matter your size


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