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Samsung Knox

Powerful, yet flexible cross-platform EMM solution. Simplify the way you remotely manage your mobile fleet and empower your workforce to achieve more, in office or in field.

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How Samsung Knox can benefit you

Bulk device enrollment and application assignment

Easy mass enrollment of mobile devices through Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) for Android devices or the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for iOS devices. 

Easy initial setup with the Getting Started guide

Samsung Knox’s Getting Started guide outlines the process for initial environment setup including adding users, enrolling device & applying policies.

Integrated management of Android Enterprise devices

Samsung Knox provides a full management service for any Android Enterprise device including easy assignment of policies, applications, and updates.

Easy creation of launcher applications with Kiosk Wizard

Samsung Knox provides Kiosk Wizard to help you set up devices to display only specific applications, widgets, and notifications.

Quick troubleshooting using Knox Remote Support

Samsung Knox provides Knox Remote Support to solve device and application issues quickly and precisely.

Event-based management

Policies can be applied by predefined Time, App, Roaming, SIM and Wi-Fi.

Granular firmware management

Samsung Knox enables wireless firmware management with Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air (E-FOTA). E-FOTA addresses security risks for exposed OSs.

Effortless content management

Samsung Knox comes with the ability to upload & distribute files. You can set the distribution target from a single user or device to groups & organizations.


Flexible and powerful mobile management for work devices anywhere

Samsung Knox

Access the powerful management capability backed by features, such as remote access tool for troubleshooting, or event-based policy enforcements to tightly address any complex requirements.

Samsung Knox Configure

Create a profile and remotely configure most features/settings. Reduces the steps and resources required for device deployments. Provides a consistent, purpose built, image across all devices that meets your business needs.

Samsung Knox Suite

Provides ease and convenience for users with access to Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox EFOTA, Knox Platform for Enterprise and Knox Asset Intelligence under a single license and managed from a single cloud-based portal.

Features and highlights

Powerful management tools unleash your field devices to do more



Intuitive user experience

Simple and straightforward user experience maximizes the productivity of your IT Admins

  • Onboarding made easy with a step-by-step Getting Started wizard
  • Advanced single- or multi-app kiosk features made intuitive with a drag-and-drop Kiosk wizard
  • Perform critical, key IT admin actions remotely with mobile console support
Fit for the office and the field

Powerful management tools unleash your field devices to do more

  • Periodic location tracking and recording for tight workflow and asset management
  • Remote access tool allows hands-on troubleshooting for devices out in the field
  • Kiosk-dedicated features and options - set your devices into single- or multi-app use mode only
  • Diverse event-based policy enforcements (e.g. specific time, location, network, roaming, SIM change) for your key
Empowered by Samsung

In sync with other Samsung services to maximize efficiency

  • Convenient cross-access and data sync with other Knox cloud services, such as Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox E-FOTA
  • End-to-end customer support on Samsung devices, OS, and solutions
  • Easy-to-use, fully integrated UX for Knox Platform for Enterprise features via Knox Service Plugin

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