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Bundled Security Services with Check Point

Empower your business with stronger security.

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The opportunity in business disruption

The need for digital transformation is accelerating

In this new way of doing business, many organizations are looking to the cloud for applications and services, while an even larger amount of employees have begun working remotely.  While useful, these additional services and remote workers have put strain on security systems.

Existing networks can’t keep up

With the sheer volume of employees working remotely, many networks struggle under the strain of keeping users connected securely. Workers experience frustrating performance degradation and lose the productivity gained by working in the cloud.

Inefficient approaches

IT teams easily fall into the trap of layering more and more point products on top of one another to fill gaps in protection. However, this approach is inefficient and often ineffective as these layers are difficult to scale and even harder to manage.


Security as business enabler

Provide clientless, zero-trust access

Users get high-performance access to the precise applications needed to complete their work.

Preserve productivity

Block access to time-wasting or inappropriate websites.

Enable safer internet browsing

Users are protected from malware hosted on websites, with in browser inspection of all encrypted SSL traffic.

Reduce the risk of security breach

Block advanced phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks before they reach users’ inboxes.

Defend against data loss

Block sensitive data from being shared via email and collaboration applications.

Simplify operations

Deployment, policy design, maintenance, and help desk support fully managed by our security experts.

Tailored to your needs

Flexible bundle plans allow you to serve the needs of your business.

Budget friendly

Reap the benefits of multiple security solutions in one bundle for affordability and ease of use.

Security Your Way

Flexible options to meet the needs of your business

Premises Based Firewall Express with Check Point

Defend the internal network, users, and devices against data loss and advanced threats, including ransomware.

Secure Workforce with Check Point

Email Security with Check Point

Secures user mailboxes and productivity applications. It thwarts sophisticated phishing attacks, blocks and sanitizes malicious attachments in seconds, and helps prevent sensitive data leakage.

Secure Web Gateway with Check Point

Protects users as they browse, blocking phishing attempts in real time, preventing zero-day malware through advanced sandboxing, and protecting against browser exploits with cutting-edge intrusion prevention.

Protected browsing

Inspects 100% of SSL traffic in-browser for secure, fast and private internet use. Malware downloads, phishing attacks and credential reuse are easily prevented while enabling administrators to block access to malicious or inappropriate websites.

Secure remote access*

Securely connects any user or branch to any corporate resource, anywhere. Its clientless, ZTNA-based access delivers secure, SaaS-like access through any browser.

*Available in some bundles

Use cases

Robust connectivity and security that easily scales to fit your needs

Zero Trust architecture

Identity-based access to precise applications reduces the number of users that have access to sensitive data. Unauthorized users and compromised devices are prevented from accessing cloud email and productivity suite applications, mitigating the risk of account takeover attacks and data loss.

Remote workforce

Connects users from anywhere with VPN and layer on cloud-delivered security. Provides consistent, high performance access to applications and unified protection that follows users to any location, whether on network or off.

Regulation compliance

Create a data leakage policy based on your company’s needs in order to identify and block sensitive data leaving via email or collaboration applications.

Managed Services

Having the right managed services partner is everything

AT&T managed services

Help relieve the burden on in-house technology teams and realize:

  • Reduced complexity of deployment, configuration, and maintenance
  • Extensive cybersecurity knowledge and expertise
  • Efficient deployment and issues resolution
  • Complementary network managed services and transport circuits.


Product Brief

Security Your Way


Secure Workforce with Check Point

Product Brief

Comprehensive protection across cloud email and productivity applications

Product Brief

Empower your business with stronger security

Product Brief

Make security simple for your small business


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