Reseller Training: USM Anywhere Editions

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AlienVault revolutionized security monitoring with USM Anywhere—the unified platform that delivers powerful threat detection, incident response, and compliance management across cloud and on-premises environments. Delivered as a cloud-hosted service, USM Anywhere eliminates the costs of deploying, securing, and maintaining an appliance in the data center.

Now, we’re going even further to make USM Anywhere more affordable, faster to deploy, and easier to use with the launch of new USM Anywhere Editions. Join us for a special webcast to discover how USM Anywhere Editions unlock new pricing and deployment flexibility spanning the SMB to the Enterprise, and how you can drive greater value for your customer community with tailored solutions that meet their unique security monitoring and compliance goals—rapidly, easily, and cost-effectively.

We invite you to join us on for a 30-minute training. Topics include:

  • A Look Inside the New USM Anywhere Editions
  • Mapping the ideal customer profile to each edition
  • Explore AlienApps for automated incident response and more

Meet Your Host

Mike LaPeters

VP Global Channel Sales