Managed SOC as a Service

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In this webinar we’ll demonstrate what it means to truly manage a cybersecurity platform/technology using our partner AlienVault’s USM solution and what a professional onboarding process should look like. We will cover and explore more on these topics:

  • Adjusting a SIEM to the organization
  • SIEM build-in standard rules optimization
    • Reducing false-positives
    • Adding new rules based on organizational needs
    • Parser issues / Sanity check
  • How to design and structure a professional SOC
  • SOC teams responsibilities
  • Different responsibilities to different teams
    • Monitoring team
    • Onboarding team
    • Forensic investigation team
    • Intelligence team
  • Keeping SOC staff up to date on cyber-attacks techniques and campaigns
  • Connecting SIEM to up-to-date threat intelligence system

Meet Your Hosts:


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Eran Liloof

CYREBRO Smart SOC Monitoring Team Leader

Eran has 8 years of computer and mobile forensic investigation including IDF (Israeli Defense Force) elite military units and private Israeli Cyber Security agencies. Eran served as an Israeli Defense Force captain, with more than 6 years of military experience. His IDF service responsibilities included leading and managing the mobile and computer forensic investigations department of the IDF Military Police. He was responsible for a team of 12 investigators, encompassing 5 computer-forensics labs, investigated computer crime cases and acquisition of digital evidence and data. Eran joined CyberHat in 2016 as a Professional cyber-security analyst. Today Eran leads a team of 14 cybersecurity analysts in CyberHat’s Smart SOC responsible for 24/7 monitoring, reporting, responding, escalating and managing of global cyber incidents. Additionally, Eran has personally developed and instructed more than 10 different courses focused on information-security and cyber-crime.

Ori Arbel

CYREBRO Smart SOC Monitoring Team Leader

Ori’s has over 8 years hands-on experience in information security, IT and leading technological projects. In 2016 Ori became head of CyberHat’s Cyber Defense Center (CYREBRO), developing and managing CYREBRO ongoing operations. Providing 24/7 coverage and cyber solutions for international clients in 5 different languages, Ori incorporates not only technical management of cyber and IT security related systems for clients, but also combines relevant cyber intelligence capabilities in multiple foreign languages in addition Incident Response and Forensic Management. Prior to CYREBRO management Ori formed CyberHat’s IT department and was CyberHat system administrator. As systems administrator he was responsible to establish the foundations of the company’s infrastructure and technological aspects which included both hands-on and architectural design of the network / infrastructure layout.