Practitioner’s Guide to Continuous Compliance & Audit Readiness in USM Anywhere

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Conducting internal audits is a security best practice and a common requirement for most compliance standards. Yet, the internal "audit season" can slow down business productivity to a grinding halt. This is especially a challenge for agile technology organizations that rely on continuous development and release schedules to drive business forward. 

By adopting a continuous compliance program, you can keep your innovation humming while ensuring that you are continually addressing important industry and regulatory demands and, more importantly, maintaining secure systems and processes. 

Join us for a special session with Caryn Seippel, Manager of Risk and Compliance at AlienVault, to learn:

  • What is continuous compliance
  • Practical steps to implement continuous monitoring
  • How AlienVault, a security company, adopted a continuous compliance program
  • How AlienVault USM Anywhere uses automation to help streamline continuous compliance

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Meet Your Hosts:

Danielle Russell

Group Product Marketing Manager

Caryn Seippell

Lead Compliance Analyst