How to Use OTX with AlienVault USM

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AlienVault Labs leverages data from the Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX™)—the world’s largest open threat community—to gain expansive intelligence on threats as they appear in the wild. OTX boasts 53,000+ participants from 140 countries and accepts over ten million threat indicators every day. OTX provides a mechanism for updating your USM instance with actionable, community-powered threat data. 

Join us for this customer training session learn how to:

Set up an OTX account and link it to your USM instance
View OTX Pulses to get context on threats
See how the USM platform correlates OTX data and alerts you of IOCs in your environment

Meet Your Host

Mark Allen

VP, Technical Sales

Mark has been engaged in information security and system administration for over 15 plus years. Mark has extensive experience taking complex concepts and making them easier to understand. He has held a variety of technical roles from help desk to litigation support to systems engineer and IT Director for accounting and law firms and large companies such as Epicor, Dell, & Solarwinds.